Friday, October 1, 2010

Life's good again

Finally everybody back to being healthy. Life can really be miserable when feeling unwell and still having to care for somebody else.
I felt like I was locked in a room and the key was lost and there was no hope that it would be found anytime soon.
Today I received a message from Karen Bishop and the following part of this message explains how I sometimes felt for the last few weeks.

At the end of April and beginning of May, it was clear that many of
us were going to be "removed" from the planet for a while, while a
cleansing was taking place. I can remember telling friends that we
would be lifted up like beautiful ornaments on a table while the
table was dusted and cleaned, and then we would be put back down.
But I had no idea it would take this long...nor be so challenging!
For the past three years or so, many of us at our soul levels (or
those at the helm of this process) have been putting together new
and revised plans to support this impending and certain Shift of
the Ages. Many miscalculations were made, all with good intentions,
and this resulted in many changes with the course and a much
longer and drawn out plan than was anticipated. Very briefly put,
it was thought that the souls here on the planet now would take
over on their own, holding a high vibration and connecting together
like a grid, but not enough souls chose to grow and expand and
thus, we did not take over on our own.
Many attempts were made to try and keep the vibration high enough
by separating from lower vibrations through a separation of the
worlds and then yet another one. Even after we "arrived" in a new
space in the cosmos, this alone did not seem to have an effect on
the tight grip of old patterns and denser and darker energies. Even
in higher vibrating energies, many continued to create the old once
So this latest plan was finally implemented, and with so many of us
acutely weary from the extended time it had taken thus far, this
latest plan really took a tole on many of us. Many also went into
fear as so much that had been "predicted" did not come to pass as
the plan had to continually be tweaked due to unpredictable fear
based behavior patterns by many souls on the earth. Was everything
over and done with? Was all we had been through one big sad joke?
Did the planet decide to descend into hell instead of into heaven?
Not enough souls were "ready" for a higher vibrating existence nor
ready to connect to one another. So then, a massive cleansing
needed to occur. Many times I likened it to receiving chemotherapy
treatments in tandem with huge "energy bombs" that blew anything
and everything out of its old groove. More on this later.
Basically, we had a re-run of 2009 during the past several months.
With similar planetary and celestial movements, and similar
experiences, but it is hoped that it will turn out different this
time because of all the cleansing. Let's cross our fingers. In
addition, many of us have been "removed" for a while, so that is a
bit different too. (Feelings of not being all here, not in our
body, blocked from our creativity, difficulty in waking up in the
morning, memory problems, not on top of our game, etc., are
symptoms of being removed for awhile.) Because of the cleansing
plan, we had to get out of the road. We had to be removed from the
massive energy blasts that were due to hit, and which DID hit! But
there were other reasons as well why many of us needed to duck and

Ela is not done yet with her teething but she's much better. Today she fed herself properly for the first time, it was really sweet. She used her little folk to eat pasta and little parts of fishfingers for dinner. Of course, not for a long time....she gets bored very quickly but I'd like to encourage this self-feeding.

E.'s 1st professional studio pix...she couldn't have been fussier...she was both ill and very clingy. Result: sulking face

E. checking her emails ;)

Loves to be at daddy's office.

Started to sleep with "Schlafsuse" at daytime naps. She's sleeping in her pram because of her runny nose. I thought it's better to keep her a bit upright. Actually she sleeps in her pram quite frequently for her naps. I'd like to reduce that.

Having fun at the park. Look at that runny nose ;)

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  1. I love to see all these pictures of Ela. She is beautiful and I want to cuddle her a little.
    Love from Eva