Sunday, October 24, 2010

Meeting Alter Egos

Another one of Ford's practices which asks you to meet your alter egos, give them names, ask them why they are here and how you can embrace them.
First you go into a meditative state, then you imagine a big yellow bus and on this bus you see all your alter egos. All kinds of races, genders, heights, shapes, animals, even monster-like creatures or people you know.
One after the other you take a passenger by his/her hand and go out to talk to him/her in private. You ask his/her name, why (s)he's here, what the benefit of his/her presence is/was, what you need to do to give him/her peace and be one with him/her.

When I did this for the first time it was almost funny to see how eager my alter egos were to introduce themselves. It was as if they all wanted to come and talk at the same time and I found it hard to keep them in a row.

Let me introduce some of them:

- Compassionate Sana who feels pity for others (giving me kindness but also ambition to never be pitied for which, of course, causes stress and fear. Freedom to be gained by feeling compassion w/o identifying oneself with that person/situation and thus feeling no pity)
- Know-All Silke and Lazy H. who are working together, Silke encouraging me to learn about everything but H. trying to prevent deeper knowledge (they said the benefit of this was not to dig to deep and lose oneself in knowledge and missing the joy in life. Freedom by choosing certain subjects to learn more about and creating boundaries while learning)
- Wounded-Heart Bernard who can't forget about things that hurt me in relationships and thus prevents to get hurt again. (Bernard asked me to forgive and let go and accept the fact that all wounds were part of the learning process)
- Little Man Jan, a little boy who didn't grow up to prevent too much masculine energy in my life. (Creating imbalance though and causing me to create this male energy myself and while doing that going too far so as to neglect my feminity. Freedom by allowing Jan to grow up and thus balancing male & female energy.)
- Silent Mick, another little boy who doesn't speak and looks like he doesn't even have a mouth causing me not to express any needs and wishes in order to create desolation to prevent unnecessary attachments and strings on my path. (Freedom by breaking silence without ataching oneself to people/situations/stuff)
- Beauty Queen Sara/Maya/Angelina/Aphrodite/Venus. I asked why she had so many names and she said the beauty she represented could only be found in all women together. It's good to look good she said but when you start comparing yourself with others it gets stressful and damaging. Women need to understand that they complete each other and that each woman has a certain beauty which makes her unique and beautiful.

To be continued...

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