Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Alter Egos

Stubborn Sel:
-Why did you come?
-Because you needed to focus on your own needs and desires. There was the risk that you put others first and my presence helped you to put yourself on top of your priority list.
-How can I embrace you?
-You must have realized that I'm not that present anymore since you worked a lot on loving and caring for yourself. Very soon I will vanish since we will become one.

Smelly No Name (very strange character; looks like a homeless grumpy old lady, very dirty and smelly)
-Why don't you have a name?
-I don't need a name. I don't want a name. I'm the collection of all your negative thoughts and behavior that you refused to accept and own. That's why I'm so smelly, negative thoughts always create bad smell. Try it out if you want!
-How can I embrace you?
-For the last few years I haven't received a lot of negativity from you but you need to remember and take on those from your past. Meditate and recall them. Forgive yourself and I'll merge with you.

Eva recommended to also have a look at this blog for shadow work.
I really hope I can embrace all my dark sides before I start to reflect them on Ela (if I haven't already done so!).
Here's another post from another blog called 'Holistic Mama' concerning this matter.

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