Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Baby's not a baby anymore

Today was E.'s first real playgroup day. She sooo lovvvvvved it! And me, toooo :))
For the first time since she's born she was really independent, excited, playful and very very social. At the beginning, I was a bit worried if 1.5 hours would be too long for her but those worries proved to be unfounded. Actually, she didn't even want to come to me when the time was up.
This might sound very strange and I might be exaggerating but I can't quite explain the feeling this experience gave me. Therefore, I just want to say thank you to everybody who made it possible (esp. you Isla :p)
Unfortunately, I can't upload any pix since there's some maintenance going on on blogspot till tomorrow.
Instead, I want to share the video below...it's one of my favorite songs about one of my favorite cities. This morning we danced to it with Ela and I was dreaming about going there with her...in fact, I was visualizing us dancing around in the streets. And I know that we will spend the most amazing days there with her...

Jay-Z - Empire State Of Mind [Jay-Z + Alicia Keys]
Yükleyen AtlanticRecords. - Öne çıkan müzik videolarını izleyin.

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