Friday, October 29, 2010

The New Human

A few years ago, when I took my first little steps into the world of spirituality and higher realms I was slightly confused because most of the teachings told you to leave the material world behind in order to become a pure, enlightened and spiritual 'lightworker'. However nice this sounds, it wasn't realistic. At least, not for me. I didn't want to leave the real world and live in an Ashram or something just to be more spiritual. I wanted to turn my current life, my actual and real world into a place and space where I could be myself, express my spirituality, raise my awareness and fasten my ascension process. I wanted to learn to separate my true self from my ego, to apply various healing and thinking techniques, to create a higher vibrating environment without having to give up the things that bring me joy, make me happy and most importantly are fun! Therefore, I decided to become a lightworker that still enjoys shopping (shoes&bags!!!), going out, dancing, traveling, reading fashion magazines, watching soap operas and spending time at the beach doing nothing.

I'm writing this because I've read a channeling of Archangel Michael today and esp. the following sentence made me smile;

...the new human might meditate, get a facial, work with homeless people, drink martinis, live in a city, be divorced, channel angels, have memories of being abducted (willingly) on a spaceship for upgrades and teachings…the new human is as diverse and beautiful and complex and unique as the Earth is…

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  1. I really like this article Jan i like the idea that we are so adapatable that we can still make the journey without feeling as though we must give up material things that do bring us happiness and joy..i guess its about how we measure those things and whether we allow them to consume or define us.

  2. Exactly! My Reiki teacher used to say, I love my fancy watch and feel good when wearing it, but wouldn't I be able to be happy without it? Of course I would.