Friday, October 22, 2010

Position Paper on Babywearing and Kangaroo Care

I don't have much time since Ela's about to wake up but before I forget I'd like to post about something I just read on a Turkish mommy's blog (  concerning the safety of slings and similar baby carriers. "The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently issued a warning about the dangers of using baby slings, due to the occurrence of three infant deaths that the agency attributed to baby slings." Together with leading experts on baby wearing the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance is now trying to convince people that slings are safe and actually very useful and comforting. I used a sling when Ela was smaller, esp. at home while doing some housework and cooking. It was an easy and practical way of carrying her and at the same time giving me freedom and mobility. Occasionally, I also used it outside and wasn't worried at all about safety. I felt confident, free and mobile.
Here's the paper.
And here on Facebook they ask bloggers to write about their experiences to give support to their action.
Long story short, I loved my wrap sling. And so did Ela.

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