Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something different

I like routines and so does Ela but sometimes it's nice to get out of it and do something different. Like today.
We went to the Pet Show at the fair with Isla & cutie Ceyda. It wasn't a huge thing and also very loud but it was still worth seeing the lovely puppies/dogs, cats, parrots, ponies, etc.

Followed by some fun time at the fair playground :)

And here's some further info on this month's Full Moon.


  1. Liebe Janset,
    You look stunning. I would like to see more pictures of you with Ela on your blog :).
    I just read the article on the full moon this month. Wow, wow, wow. I cannot believe how fitting all this is.
    Thank for sharing so valuable information.
    Love frmo Eva

  2. Oh, vielen Dank fuer's Kompliment!
    I'd also like to see more pictures of myself with Ela ;))
    I usually forget to ask people to do that and tend to take just Ela's pictures.
    Yes, I didn't read much astrological stuff for a long time but lately these messages are reaching me somehow and they truly make a lot of sense.
    Keep me updated honey about today's meeting. I'm thinking of you.