Monday, November 15, 2010

About Ela

I think it's time for an Ela-Update :))
Ela is an almost 17-month-old toddler now and although everything's still pretty much about sleeping-eating-playing habits I can see that my little angel is growing and slowly turning into a  little person.
Sleep patterns are still not ideal but she's usually sleeping from 19:45 till 06:30 with one wake-up sometimes (just to make sure I'm there).  Eating is ok, she likes simple things; oatmeal, cereals, all kinds of cheese, toast, pasta, chicken (esp. boiled), meatballs, french fries (oven-baked), grapes, plums, bananas, sultanas and sundae ice-cream...but no veggies :(
She's able to play more independently now and is also learning to play nicely with other kids thanks to our Iwai playgroup and the new Saysen playgroup.

About Alper & Jan:
I asked Alper for more support since I'm a bit overwhelmed with having Ela all the time and also dealing with all the housework, shopping and cooking stuff. He's ready to do this and just wants me to be specific with the things I want or need.  We also decided to spend every Friday evening really together which means no Internet, no dozing off on the couch, no watching silly stuff on TV but having proper conversations, watching nice (new) movies, enjoying ourselves, basically having fun together again. (I'm especially disturbed by the amount of time I'm spending in front of the computer. And that's why I'm ending this post now :p)

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