Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another 'Mim', that is 'Sobe'...

Here's another 'mim'sobe' sent to me by Asli, the Blogger.
(I wrote about "mims" here)

It's a questionnaire about nurseries...

At what age did you or are you planning to send your child to nursery? Is there any other factor apart from age you're waiting for to send him/her to nursery?
In fact, I'd be fine with her going to nursery tomorrow but that would obviously be a very selfish decision :p
I don't know to be honest...I started kindergarten when I was three. That's how it used to work in Germany. But if Ela seems ready I'd like to start our nursery adventure next year in Sept. when she's 27 months old, half-days, 2-3 times a week. Till then the playgroups we're attending (and maybe some new ones according to what I heard from Isla) will probably suffice.
What's your most important criteria when choosing a nursery for your child? Something that's crucial and if not provided would cause you to prefer in-home care.
I touched this topic before (again in my first 'mim' post here) but very briefly I want to express my dislike for private schools. So many reasons for that like price, students' that is parents' profiles, academic objectives even at very young age, etc.
I want a place that won't be a burden to me, where Ela has fun and enjoys herself & makes some nice friends, teachers are warm & friendly, children are not pushed to 'learn' and their creativity is not going to be killed.
I just found out that vocational schools for girls usually also have a nursery/kindergarten where students who want to become pre-school teachers do their internships and their teachers also work there. I liked this idea and checked out  if there's one where I live. Luckily, there's one with quite a good reputation but where you might need to find a contact to get your child in but that shouldn't be a problem since in small places there's always somebody around who knows the right people ;)
The price for half-day is 265 TL and for full-day 350 TL. Perfect.
Is there any kind of application you haven't seen in Turkish nurseries but would like to see?
I can't really comment on that since the only experience I have is my own time at the kindergarten which was just an ordinary place. I mean, we played games, sang songs, had a huge playground (hmm, maybe this is lacking in many nurseries here, our playground was really big) but nothing extra-ordinary.

Any applications you've frequently come across in Turkish nurseries and find ridiculous?
Too much focus on language teaching. I went to some kindergartens in Istanbul where they even offered two(!) foreign languages. Of course, they're not really teaching anything. Just simple games, songs, role plays and stuff. But I'm still disturbed by the way they promote their institutions; as if before entering primary school the kids would be able to write an academic essay.

If your child goes to nursery, what was the most challenging aspect? If not, what do you think will challenge you most?
I don't like to think about challenges before actually facing them :p

If your child goes to nursery, what's the most positive development you observed in your child? If not, what do you think will nurture his/her development most?
We're spending the biggest amount of our time together with Ela so she will probably become more independent then. Spending time with other kids in a more structured environment will make her become better in sharing, showing respect for others, finding her way, etc. I guess (playgroups already nurture this but nursery will be more effective I suppose).

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