Friday, November 5, 2010

Beautiful pictures for your kids' bedroom walls

A very talented Turkish mom and artist has just opened a space where she's going to sell her lovely pictures for children's bedrooms (or anywhere you want!)  For now it's just within Turkey...but who knows what happens ;))
All pictures are beautiful but my favorite is actually her blog header (weren't able to copy it here).
You can ask for all kinds of animals, characters, colors, favorite toys, etc....
You will also be sent a preview for approval.
Orders to be sent to:
Prices vary between 20 TL - 40 TL for pictures on sale  now, but it really depends on the size and how much time and effort is spent.
Frames are not included since she's currently living in a city where this is unfortunately not available :)

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  1. Dear Janset,
    thank you very much for this beautiful post and for your support. This energy will improve mt work i guess.
    with Love ...