Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Do spiritual teachers really practice what they preach?

During the last ten years I've met many so-called spiritual teachers and/or gurus and a few of them were really wise, knowledgable, enlightening and purifying. But even those "real" gurus, or maybe especially the real ones still tend to keep or even develop a very high ego and start to do or say things that are so out of line.
When you are such a guru and decide to share your wisdom and knowledege with others and start offering courses and classes (at very expensive prices) and call these courses "Blablabla-Practitioner" courses you should be prepared that some of your students decide to follow your path and become a "guru", too.
A real teacher, in my opinion, should be happy to see such a development and encourage it rather than trying to prevent any attempts of this kind.
I'm not talking about myself (yet), since I've just started to work on what exactly I want to do in the future (spiritual guidance), but I'm hearing many things about my quantum thinking technique teacher, for instance...about how he treats people who attend his certified courses and then decide to make use of the given information and he goes to them and says "You can't use this, you don't have the right.." Why is he so afraid? What causes the big fear that others might become as 'big' as him?
I guess, the answer to that is not that difficult. It's the vicious cycle of earning more and more money the 'bigger' you become. In the course of time, money becomes the main goal and the fear of losing even one customer(!) is enough to become an ego-driven person.
I'm still very thankful. I believe he's a special man and can't be grateful enough for the things I learned. I wish he had stayed the same person though but this is his path I suppose and he probably should have a closer look at the people he's surrounded with and their effects on him.
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