Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ela's First Zoo Trip

Today was the first day of Eid al-Adha, a four-day religious holiday...and since everybody usually spends the first day visiting relatives and older family members, I saw this as a great opportunity to introduce Ela to the animals at Izmir Dogal Yasam Parki , the relatively new big zoo in Sasali and celebrate our Bayram there . (Alper's parents will have to wait till tomorrow I'm afraid)
We were lucky with the weather, perfectly mild and dry, 21 degrees and partly cloudy. The park is located on a huge area outside of the city.
Some facts:
- there's a lot of space for the animals which is nice for them but not so nice for the visitors since it's hard to spot them.
- there're not too many animals, usually just two of each species...(compared to other zoos I've been before, eg. Frankfurt Zoo)
- the gardens in the zoo are beautiful
- Ela will like it more when she's a bit older, she's not a big fan of park walks (city girl!) plus the distance between animals and the fact that some of them were too far for her to see slightly bored her.
- the entrance fee is so low! Just 2 Liras...one can't help but think how they manage to survive. The costs of feeding and caring for the animals must be enormous, they probably have very big sponsors.
- cafes could be better
- there're too many playgrounds, which, of course, attract the kids but kind of ruin the zoo trip since kids find it more interesting to swing or slide rather than seeing the animals.

It was a nice day...
beauty queen...

leave me alone!

other beauties...

this one wants to play...

and here's the king...

children's area...


let's go...

this is fun!

brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?

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