Monday, November 8, 2010

We like playgroups!

I know that there are different views about playgroups for babies and toddlers. Some say it's vital to teach them how to socialize from the very beginning, others claim it's just a trend and not that much beneficial. I'm actually quite positive and started to take Ela to our IWAI playgroup on a frequent basis when she was 7-8 months old. Last month we also joined a more professional place called Saysen&Partyhouse once a week and Ela really enjoys herself more and more every week and I can also see that this experience is gradually making her more independent (finally!). When I say professional btw I don't mean it's a highly educational care center with top quality teachers who're doing sophisticated activities with the kids. There're many many things that could be better; like being more attentive to how kids react to activities, whether they're bored or show interest and act accordingly rather than changing them every 5 min. even if the kids are having fun. But what's important to me is that Ela is enjoying herself and playing nicely for the whole 90 min. and then showing me the leaflet the whole week to tell me she wants to go back :))
I like our playgroups and I'm grateful that we have them. Both for Ela and myself!

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