Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What was happening in your life in 2002? (Jennifer Hoffman asking)

The Cycle of Worth and Value

Earlier this month I wrote about the current Venus retrograde cycle, which ends this week. This cycle is important because it is recycling energies and lessons of 2002, as the retrograde sign and degrees are very similar to those that occurred then. What were you doing then, what was happening in your life, what were some of the challenges you were facing and are they repeating themselves at this time? Chances are that you can find similarities in what you are experiencing now and what was happening then and make some profound changes with that information.

We are generous with ourselves when it comes to our life lessons and have many opportunities to experience them, sometimes from multiple angles. Our choice of people and situations is never random and always reflects the lessons that are part of our life path. Although they can be a surprise when they come up, they are simply lessons that we are recycling so we can arrive at another level of understanding. These are the cycles of our lessons and they never vary, even though it is often hard for us to identify them when we are in the cycles.
All of our lessons arise from the core healing that is our life purpose. Whether it's betrayal, abandonment, power, self love, acceptance, or forgiveness (and there are many others), everything in our life is designed to introduce us to some aspect of this lesson. And now that we are at the forefront of energies whose purpose is global transformation on a scale we have never before realized, we have cycles that support our healing and growth (isn't the Universe nice).
What was happening in your life in 2002? What issues were you working on and who was part of them? This Venus retrograde period has been difficult for those who are not aware that a cycle is repeating, less so for those who have noticed the similarities and are using them to complete this cycle. What is different about 2010 versus 2002 is that we can complete these cycles now because the energies support that. So what do you have to do to complete your cycle? How can you release everything that does not support your belief in your power, that you deserve to have everything you wish for and are worthy of joy? This is the time to resolve and let them go. And you can complete a cycle to step into a new and different life path.

Jennifer Hoffman



  1. In 2002 I came here : ): ) and never left. I left everything behind... i was brave, fearless and full of adventure. I wanted to spread my Wings and Soar !!! and i did...

  2. :)))
    Well, that's how you need to be again now I guess; brave, fearless and full of adventure...
    Start using your wings ;)))