Monday, November 1, 2010

What's going on?

For the last two weeks I have heard about so many accidents (traffic accidents, bike accidents, father-in-law falling and breaking his hip)and illnesses (esp. diarrhea and stomach problems) that I'm pretty sure there's a certain reason for all this.
The last news was from my dad in Istanbul. He also had a stomach problem yesterday and couldn't/didn't eat much the whole day. Then, when he woke up to pee at night he passed out on the corridor and fell hard on the floor (interestingly, my mom had removed the carpets yesterday). My mom was shocked to see some blood on his head and more importantly he wasn't conscious. She called a neighbor and luckily he woke up soon. He refused to go to the ER and, strangely enough, he woke up this morning feeling better than he did in a long time. As if he needed to pass out.
That's how I felt when I fell a few weeks ago, too. As if I needed a shake.
Is that what it's all about?
Being shook, being gone & coming back, being re-born???
There are several astrological/spiritual/metaphysical ideas/claims/reports/stories.
I also have the feeling that this is about balancing male & female energies.
November will obviously be an interesting month!
PS: According to Quantum Thinking stomach problems are caused by fears.


  1. Son yazımı tanıdığım blogculara ayırdım. Sizinle ilgili de ufacık bir yazı var. Sevgiler.

  2. just drafting up a post on the upcoming scorpio new moon. TRANSFORMATION is the key word.

    how amazing he felt even better.

  3. Looking forward to your post Monica.
    Yes, isn't it amazing and strange at the same time? As if it needed to happen...