Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Snow Tale...Bir Kar Masali

I wasn't able to write any "real" posts lately since I've already started to work inofficially (officially nxt Mo) plus my auntie is keeping Ela and me very busy :)

But I couldn't miss the chance to share a wonderful book project I found out about today.
Three very talented Turkish mommy bloggers (who actually didn't know each other at the beginning) came together and created a heart-warming, inspiring, enjoyable e-book called "Bir Kar Masali/A Snow Tale". Pls click here to read or look at the lovely illustrations.
Currently, there is no printed version but that might change soon ;)
Very soon there will be a free application for iPhones/iPads tho!
And will somebody pls correct me if I'm wrong but I think I've read somewhere about an English version!?!?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

How To Deal With Eclipses

A total lunar eclipse will take place on December 20/21 and according to astrologers with a major effect on everybody.
For those who are interested in eclipses here's an article by famous AstroGuru Susan Miller...

What are a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon stands between the Sun and the Earth, cutting off the light of the Sun. A solar eclipse is always a new moon and in astrology tends to mark new beginnings.
A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth stands between the moon and the Sun, cutting off the light of the Sun from the moon. A lunar eclipse is always a full moon and usually marks endings or culmination points. They bring up memories, dreams, and emotions, so they often pack a big punch.
An eclipse of the Sun will more likely focus you on a prominent male in your life (father, husband, boss, or other key man).
An eclipse of the moon will center more on the prominent women in your life (mother, wife, or female boss, for instance). This is not always the case, but you will find this will be a good rule of thumb.
Solar eclipses work somewhat differently than lunar eclipses, and emphasize beginnings - that is why they are so exciting. Most of the time they make us happy! (Occasionally something may end too, but the accent will be more on the start than the finish.) The changes could come gradually or suddenly. Still, the news or timing of those changes often comes as a surprise. If a solar eclipse falls on or within a few days of your birthday, you will certainly feel the effects of it over the course of the year. Changes will be complete by the time you reach your next birthday.
Although most solar eclipses are almost always positive, if they form hard angles to other planets, the effect on you can be jarring and difficult. This is not usually the case, but it can be at times. As you see, eclipses are not like other aspects, for they can work in a variety of ways. I will let you know if I see something you should watch in your monthly report on Astrology Zone. Keep in mind that all eclipses are there to help you mature and grow, and that the eclipses are ultimately on your side.
Eclipses come in pairs, always as a new moon and full moon two weeks apart and come up every five-and-a-half months in one family of signs, for example Cancer-Capricorn, or Leo-Aquarius.
Each family of signs lasts approximately 18 or 24 months before moving to the next family of signs, moving, say, from Cancer- Capricorn to Gemini-Sagittarius.
Events that follow an eclipse have more weight than events brought on by a normal new or full moon. In fact, an eclipse is like a new or full moon on steroids! The events brought on by an eclipse often pack much more punch and may even bring on an event that seems "fated."
Now let's review the points to keep in mind about eclipses so that you can better deal with them should any touch you in an unexpected way.

Susan's 29 Points to Consider when Dealing with Eclipses

1. Eclipses are dramatic "wild cards" in our horoscopes that we don't see coming. They shake us up so that we can move from one level of maturity to another, very rapidly. They will provide whatever we need to get moving - a competitor, a rival or critic, a benefactor, funding, or some other force - that get us to think, decide, or change.
If we have become complacent or took someone or something for granted, chances are that we won't after an eclipse is over and has delivered its message. An eclipse will always give you precisely what you need to advance and evolve. They look for weak links in all circumstances and instantly and urgently bring information so that you can decide what you want to do.

2. Eclipses work from the outside in. In that I mean that an outside event that has nothing to do with you, and over which you have no control, will often act in a way that affects your life in a powerful, direct, and lasting way. The outside force can be a small, casual event or comment - it need not be a big - but yet it can have monumental influence on our life anyway.

3. Eclipses bring news of big life events that you long remember. You may sell a house or buy one, or start a new business or close one. You may get a major promotion or a new client, or be given enviable publicity, or be downsized. You may meet someone new to date, or get engaged. Or, on the other hand, an eclipse may "eclipse out" someone from your life, as is the case in a breakup or divorce. Often at eclipse time, we are very aware of the passage of time, and that can make us a bit wistful even when the news is very happy.
You may suddenly be expecting a baby or get news that the adoption you had hoped for is suddenly coming through.
You may come in to a lot of money, or lose an important source of income. You may sign a big business deal or walk away from one. You might have surgery or win a marathon and be on TV. You may acquire a new pet, or sadly suffer the loss of one. Alas, as you see, not all news on eclipses is happy, but eclipses do mark major life events that make us value the good parts of life even more.
Eclipses often change the status of a situation. While an eclipse will always seek out the weak link in a situation to expose it to you, they are just as capable of helping you in a positive way, such as to help you find new love or be asked to interview for a big position. The luck you uncover can be the change in status you will receive. Check your monthly report on Astrology Zone for how I see the eclipse affecting you.

4. Keep your eye on your health at eclipse time, and doubly so if the eclipse is near your birthday, is in your birth sign, or is six months away from your sign (i.e., opposite). If you need to address a health or dental issue, get advice and help so that you can get back to feeling tip top again soon!

5. You may feel like you are walking across a bridge to a new land at eclipse time. You are - with no ability to go back to the place you started. In that sense, after you start moving toward the new situation (by enforced changes or by your own volition), the bridge will collapse - there will be no way back. While you can't go back to the good old days, you wouldn't want to. You are ready for more. The universe wants us to embrace all that is new, not go back to what is tried and true.

6. The ancients always wrote that if you act under an eclipse, especially a full moon eclipse (lunar), the plan would not work out quite the way you expected. It's better to consider the ideas of others at eclipse time but not to make proposals or announce decisions of your own at that time. Instead, bide your time and act a few weeks later when there will be less cosmic dust in the air and things are more settled. You'll have more information after an eclipse has spoken too, another reason to wait.
Here is the rule: it is better to listen and react rather than set forth dictums under an eclipse. Try to allow some space of a week or more between the eclipse and the date you act.
Sometimes it is not possible to put things off, so do your best. Never make an empty threat, like "Leave her or I will leave!" If you don't mean it, don't say it. The situation could blow up in your face when your partner calls your bluff and says, "OK, then, leave!" Issuing ultimatums under an eclipse rarely work well.
Let's say you need to decide whether to change your job. It is OK to accept a new job, but might not be wise to quit one at eclipse time. You didn't initiate that offer to go to a new job - someone else did - which is why you are safer to accept an offer, rather than initiate an action on your own, most likely impulsively.
If you want to have a major talk with your sweetheart over grievances you have been harboring, do so weeks before the date of the eclipse or else table your talk for a few weeks later, when the atmosphere won't be highly charged. When you act at eclipse time, you may be surprised at the outcome - things could backfire or create an effect that you had not anticipated. Still, admittedly, it may be really hard to put off saying something at a full moon eclipse. Truth tends to surface like a geyser at these times! See how you feel!

7. Eclipses will always play with our sense of time and change it by compressing it and speeding things up. They bring events to bear today, ones that you assumed would happen months or years into the future.
Let's say a couple decided to marry in two years, and in the meantime save up for a down payment on a house. An eclipse comes by and one of the partners in the couple gets a big promotion and a chance to work in the London office. Suddenly the couple decides to tear up their old blueprints and instead get married immediately so that they can start their life together in London right away. Indeed, timetables often change dramatically under eclipses.
Also, at eclipse time, if one of your planets will be touched by the eclipse, you may feel your life moving on fast forward, at greatly accelerated speed. What you'd normally do in three years gets compressed into six months! Time moves so fast, you can almost see the hands on the clock spin around!

8. Eclipses can help you do things you never thought you could do, overcome fears, and show yes, you CAN do it! Consider this little metaphysical story I devised for you to illustrate this point.
Let's say you are in a new area on vacation and feel like riding a horse for a couple of hours, and because your friends would rather swim, you decide to do this on your own. You are not an experienced rider, so you ask the horse trainer for a gentle horse. He suggests the perfect one for you, a horse that is even-tempered and experienced. He also suggests an appropriate path for you.
Before you set off on your trail, you were told by the trainer that you will need to jump a stone fence five miles down the road but that the horse is capable of doing the jump. You start out on the path the trainer suggested. Distracted by the gorgeous scenery, you forget about the fence until it looms suddenly in front of you.
You don't feel ready to jump that fence and besides, it is so much higher than you imagined it to be! You probably would have never taken this path if you knew how big it was. You cannot imagine going over that and surviving it! Yet, it symbolizes something you want to do but are terrified to do, so you feel conflicted (fear vs. wanting). Perhaps as you ride toward it, you try to stop the horse, but in your hesitation, you don't send strong signals to the horse in the way he understands, so before you know it, he jumps!
The horse has been trained to jump, so he is fine - it's you who is scared, not him! Before you can pull on the reins, you find yourself flying through the air on his back and much to your horror and yet giddy amazement, you are flying over the fence. Much to your astonishment, you land perfectly. The horse is fine and so are you - but you feel shaky and count all your fingers to be sure you are all in one piece!
It all happened so quickly! You knew the fence was coming up, but being distracted by the scenery, you didn't expect to see it so soon on the road ahead. (Timetables are moved up at eclipse time.) You had no time to think! Now, however, you feel quite accomplished - proud of what you did, and rightly so! It is a great moment! Had you had time to think, you may not have had the courage to try. But you did react, and you succeeded. Welcome to the effects of an eclipse. This won't be the effect all the time, but many times eclipses DO show us capabilities and strengths that surprise us.

Here's the rest of the article.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Paris vs New York

One of my favorite fashion & design blogs Schongeist wrote about Vahram Muradyan's latest work ONE today - illustrations of a comparison between Paris and New York.
As a lover of New York it was interesting (and funny) to follow the art work of a lover of Paris.
To see the illustrations click on Schongeist  and/or  PARISvsNYCblogspot.

Family Time

On Wed Ela and I came to Istanbul to visit my family and give them the chance to spend time with their granddaughter whom they've been missing very much...the last time they saw her (apart from video chats) was in August,which is a long time considering the fact that we're actually quite close; just an hour away by plane. I do feel sorry for these long separations but traveling with a small baby was just not my thing. I promised them that now that Ela's older our trips will be more frequent (also because it'll be easier for me to concentrate on work from here :p). Yesterday we spent a nice afternoon at Forum Istanbul, my initial plan was to also visit the aquarium Turkuazoo, which is part of the mall, but a friend, whom we were going to meet there, said it's not worth it - at least not now with a small kid that won't really enjoy it. That's why we had a nice Starbucks break instead and then a little shopping tour at H&M, the shop that everybody here had been waiting for for there are two of them in Istanbul (second branch at Istinye Park).

Today I'm planning to take Ela to one of the Play Barns (the one in Atakoy) when she wakes up from her nap. She gets bored when we stay at home the whole day so I want to give her the chance to have some fun and socialize, because that's what she's used to back home. Before going to bed, Ela played with her 'Oma' and they made her first origami flapping bird together :) The older she gets, the more she will experience the benefits of her Oma being a former Kindergarten teacher...

Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Akashic Records On Past Lives (by Jen Eramith MA)

How do past lifetimes affect us? Is it useful to remember or relive past life memories?

The ways that your past lifetimes affect you depend on who you are. Some of you are very tied to your past lifetimes -- your present life is deeply connected with what you have been doing before and deeply embedded in an overarching story that includes the lives you lived before. Others of you do not have very many past lifetimes. Some of you have not lived very often in this world, so that what you are doing now is not very deeply tied with past lifetimes, but instead is more deeply tied to who you are as a soul at a higher level. There are so many different variations in regard to how people interact with their past lifetimes and how each of you has set up your contracts for what your life is about now. So it really depends on who you are.
We can say that many people do live now, or have lived, through what you might call a karmic cycle. As some religions or religious paradigms have outlined, it is possible to enter a karmic cycle in which you set up an agenda for certain things you want to experience or learn as a soul, and then you cycle through lifetime after lifetime in order to explore and achieve that agenda. You can create a karmic cycle based on any different theme, such as Love, Deception. Emotional Intelligence, or the Natural World – there are countless possible themes for karmic cycles. Once you enter the karmic cycle, you do not let yourself out of it until you have completed the plan that you originally set in motion when you began the karmic cycle.
The thing that is not true about karmic cycles is that it is not true that every human being goes through those kinds of karmic cycles, and it is not true that there is a preset or predetermined group of things that every human must learn. When a soul enters a karmic cycle, it is always by choice at a higher level and it is always based on a contract that the soul creates. Every karmic cycle contract unique according to the soul who wants to experience it – it all depends on what you want to accomplish in the cycle based on your soul’s higher purpose.
Depending on who you are and what your contract is with your past lives and what you are trying to achieve in this current life, it may be very useful for you to remember and relive some of your past life memories. Or, for others, it may not be useful to worry about past lives. How much past lifetimes matter to you will usually become apparent – often simply by whether you feel interested in past lifetimes or not. If you are very interested in your past lives or if you find yourself having a sense that you are connected to things that you have never done in this lifetime so you think it must be from a past life, you can assume that your past lives are applicable to what you are doing now. There is something for you to gain by paying attention to those.
If, on the other hand, the ideas of past lives does not really make sense to your or it is not very interesting, it very well could be that you do not need to gain anything from remembering your past lives. It is even possible that you have not lived a past lifetime before. It depends on who you are and the best way to navigate this is to follow your interests and to follow your intuition. If you feel drawn to past lifetimes, allow yourself to notice when you are sensing something and just gently ask the question, “Does this feel like something in my life or does this feel like something from before? What do I need to remember?”
Sometimes you might find yourself connected to a country where you have never visited, or feeling a sense of homesickness for a place that you have never been. Sit down and explore what you feel. What are the emotions that are arising? What are the ideas? What are the thoughts? See what comes to you through your intuition and explore your past lives as ideas of what you carry with you. There are many different tools and techniques that people have developed to perform past life regression. If you feel interested in those, go right ahead. It is important to stay grounded in the fact that you will naturally be drawn to the things that you need -- that your brilliant mind will bring to you the information that you need whether you are seeking it or not.
Do not let yourself get desperate about trying to calculate past lifetimes. The fact about your past lifetimes is that they are only relevant as far as they are affecting you now. They are only relevant as far as they can help facilitate what you are doing now.
The thing about time is that it is not linear and therefore, every moment that you pass becomes nonlinear. It dissolves into the full collection of who you are. That full collection of who you are is with you all the time. You do not need to calculate, you do not need to track, and you do not need to put in some sort of order the past lifetimes that you have lived before.
Trust that anything you need from those lifetimes is with you now. It is in your cellular memory. It is part of your subconsciousness and it will come to you as you need it. One of the reasons it can be difficult to track the order of your past lifetimes is that time is nonlinear. In the same way that each moment passes by and just becomes part of the universal whole, or the Akashic records, so too does every lifetime.
As soon as a lifetime has been lived, it is no longer packaged in chronological order. It becomes packaged according to its usefulness. Depending on the theme that you are exploring now, different past lifetimes will come to you -- they will occur to you. Your past lives, just like all information in your Akashic Records, is stored based on its usefulness to you in the present moment. It is not stored in chronological order. (Dec 2010)

Jen Eramith MA

Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter has finally arrived! And so much more...

I've been desperately waiting for the winter season this year. Not only because I like cold weather but because I had this strange feeling that as soon as winter arrives big and unexpected is going to happen. About myself. About my life.
And that's why I really got impatient and was bored of still having 25 degrees in December.
But suddenly -at last- the temperatures dropped and everything fell into place! I got a call from my former boss who made a perfect offer and now I'm preparing to become a working mom :)
I'd love to share more details but I'm so tired at the moment that I want to do that later, maybe after I've started and can give a clearer picture.
It was freezing today, even snowing earlier in the day. But we still went out with Ela and I even took her to the park for a short swing-swing.

That was yesterday...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

In prep for the famous terrible twos'

One of the hottest topics lately on Nurturia is about moms discussing differences between Turkish and foreign moms/parents. Whether there're cultural advantages/disadvantages, countries/people that have just found the right approach and raise perfectly disciplined kids, or if we just tend to see the good examples in others and that there are undisciplined, spoiled, naughty kids basically everywhere.
There were comments I found quite judgmental and opinionated, and others which couldn't describe better what I felt and thought. I'd have loved to translate and share them here but my laziness hasn't gotten any better ;)
Instead, I want to direct you to a link which was shared there by one of the moms. It's and article called  "Who's in Control" by Jean Liedloff, famous author of The Continuum Concept.

Here's my favorite part;

Put simply, when a child is impelled to try to control the behavior of an adult, it is not because the child wants to succeed, but because the child needs to be certain that the adult knows what he or she is doing. Furthermore, the child cannot resist such testing until the adult stands firm and the child can have that certainty. No child would dream of trying to take over the initiative from an adult unless that child receives a clear message that such action is expected — not wanted, but expected! Moreover, once the child feels he has attained control, he becomes confused and frightened and must go to any extreme to compel the adult to take the leadership back where it belongs.

When this is understood, the parents' fear of imposing upon their child is allayed, and they see that there is no call for adversariality. By maintaining control, they are fulfilling their beloved child's needs, rather than acting in opposition to them.

Click here to read the whole article.

And here're some quick shots from our first Christmas celebration with Ela this year:


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mum's Christmas Dinner 2010

A belated post about our first Mum's Dinner which took place at Rouge Restaurant/Bar Alsancak last Wed.
I went out for the first time in 12 months (OMG!)...the previous one was also an IWAI Christmas Dinner.
Going out after 8pm felt strange but very liberating and exciting! We should defo go out more often...not necessarily every week but a quarterly mum's dinner would truly give our sometimes challenging and exhausting lives a nice touch.

Last year's IWAI Xmas Dinner...with lovely Burcin, Isla & Nath.

2010 Mum's Xmas Dinner...with lovely Jenny, Lisa, Sheena, Defne, Elif, Mickie, Louise, Claudia, Jenny. Evrim, Silke & Nihan.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Unsuspecting Role of our Parents

I just read Lee Carroll's (Kryon) latest message and esp. the following paragraphs touched me deeply. Apparently, I still had such feelings re. my parents.
Many of you have parents who are not awake to the possibility of a personal, loving God, as you are. Some of these parents are still alive and with you, and some have passed. Oh, they may love God in their own way, all in appropriateness, but they have no awakening to the quantum Creator inside. They would not be in a meeting like this, would they? But you have awakened to a "quantum system" and you're starting to help the planet with it. You're building a bridge to a future quantum culture. Linear worship has no calling to you.

You have a profound spirituality without a prophet, a book or buildings to worship in. You've created a beautiful energy of love and creator-companionship within yourself, and before you're finished on Earth, millions will awaken around you to the same idea. The idea is not the one you were taught. Instead, it's a new spiritual paradigm of truth - that you were created magnificent, that you have power over your own physical bodies, and even nature itself bows to your collective mastery. You are a beautiful creation in a beautiful garden that was made for you, and you're going to have the wisdom to take care of it for the first time in Human history.
Perhaps some times you look at your parents and you say, "I wish they had what I have." Some of you will say, "It appears they're stuck in an old way." And when they pass over, you'll say, "I wish they could have known what I know." So let me rewrite this linear thought into a quantum concept for you, and in the process expose the incredible system and the love of God.
Come with me within the mind of God for a moment and I will take you to the Wind of Birth of your parents. In a timeless state, they meet you, their potential children, and you listen to what they have to say: "Dear ones, we're going to come to Earth in an old energy. But the potentials are there for things to happen on the planet in your generation, not ours. We're going to give you birth and life. We're going to bring your soul into the planet at the right time so you can make the difference. In Humanism, we may not help you awaken the way you think we might. Instead, we may actually give you puzzles that will force you to find God within, but this is the way the old energy interfaces with the new. We will, indeed, bring you to a place where you will have light that we just can't have within an older energy."
So I ask you, dear listener and reader, who is the Lightworker here?

Click click for full article.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Akashic Records for Dec. 2010 (by Jen Eramith MA)

...In December 2010, it is as if the angelic army is coming for 2012. They come in stages and the next installment of angels is entering the planet in December of 2010. Those of you who are sensitive to energy, to light, or to angels or other beings -- you are going to feel it this month. You are going to really have a sense that there is more going on just under the surface than ever before. You are going to have a sense that you are not alone, you are deeply supported by the higher dimensions. Some of you will see angels out of the corner of your eye, some of you will get messages from the most unexpected places. Be aware that there are more angels on the planet this month than there ever have been before. Many of those angels are reflections of you, of those of you who are human angels. This means that this month is an important time to do a few things. One is to choose to act as a human angel. Regardless of what your spiritual lineage may be, choose to act as an angel on this planet. Every one of you can assume that if you are here, then you are here to help, you are here to bring more Love. Help and Love are the things that angels bring. Go ahead and act as if you were an angel. Look for ways to bless the people around you, look for ways to make things easier for them. This is a perfect time for random acts of kindness to be executed by you every minute of every day. Look for something kind to do for someone around you all day long. If you are occupied doing this, you will be right on track in December 2010.

Click here for full article.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

More of Ela...

Kind of too late for teething rings but seems to like it...

Waiting for mommy who's having a look at new Mango collection

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum...

"I like it up here!"

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Newest Shots

I'm kind of lazy lately, no desire to write, read, make research...maybe because the 'shadow phase' of the forthcoming Mercury Retro which starts on 10th Dec. (more on that here)  has started last week. So far I've experienced the famous delayed communication and breakdown of phone part. Hope that'll be it!
As I said before, no desire to here're a few new shots of Ela instead:

lovely lovely friends...

very thoughtful....