Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Akashic Records On Past Lives (by Jen Eramith MA)

How do past lifetimes affect us? Is it useful to remember or relive past life memories?

The ways that your past lifetimes affect you depend on who you are. Some of you are very tied to your past lifetimes -- your present life is deeply connected with what you have been doing before and deeply embedded in an overarching story that includes the lives you lived before. Others of you do not have very many past lifetimes. Some of you have not lived very often in this world, so that what you are doing now is not very deeply tied with past lifetimes, but instead is more deeply tied to who you are as a soul at a higher level. There are so many different variations in regard to how people interact with their past lifetimes and how each of you has set up your contracts for what your life is about now. So it really depends on who you are.
We can say that many people do live now, or have lived, through what you might call a karmic cycle. As some religions or religious paradigms have outlined, it is possible to enter a karmic cycle in which you set up an agenda for certain things you want to experience or learn as a soul, and then you cycle through lifetime after lifetime in order to explore and achieve that agenda. You can create a karmic cycle based on any different theme, such as Love, Deception. Emotional Intelligence, or the Natural World – there are countless possible themes for karmic cycles. Once you enter the karmic cycle, you do not let yourself out of it until you have completed the plan that you originally set in motion when you began the karmic cycle.
The thing that is not true about karmic cycles is that it is not true that every human being goes through those kinds of karmic cycles, and it is not true that there is a preset or predetermined group of things that every human must learn. When a soul enters a karmic cycle, it is always by choice at a higher level and it is always based on a contract that the soul creates. Every karmic cycle contract unique according to the soul who wants to experience it – it all depends on what you want to accomplish in the cycle based on your soul’s higher purpose.
Depending on who you are and what your contract is with your past lives and what you are trying to achieve in this current life, it may be very useful for you to remember and relive some of your past life memories. Or, for others, it may not be useful to worry about past lives. How much past lifetimes matter to you will usually become apparent – often simply by whether you feel interested in past lifetimes or not. If you are very interested in your past lives or if you find yourself having a sense that you are connected to things that you have never done in this lifetime so you think it must be from a past life, you can assume that your past lives are applicable to what you are doing now. There is something for you to gain by paying attention to those.
If, on the other hand, the ideas of past lives does not really make sense to your or it is not very interesting, it very well could be that you do not need to gain anything from remembering your past lives. It is even possible that you have not lived a past lifetime before. It depends on who you are and the best way to navigate this is to follow your interests and to follow your intuition. If you feel drawn to past lifetimes, allow yourself to notice when you are sensing something and just gently ask the question, “Does this feel like something in my life or does this feel like something from before? What do I need to remember?”
Sometimes you might find yourself connected to a country where you have never visited, or feeling a sense of homesickness for a place that you have never been. Sit down and explore what you feel. What are the emotions that are arising? What are the ideas? What are the thoughts? See what comes to you through your intuition and explore your past lives as ideas of what you carry with you. There are many different tools and techniques that people have developed to perform past life regression. If you feel interested in those, go right ahead. It is important to stay grounded in the fact that you will naturally be drawn to the things that you need -- that your brilliant mind will bring to you the information that you need whether you are seeking it or not.
Do not let yourself get desperate about trying to calculate past lifetimes. The fact about your past lifetimes is that they are only relevant as far as they are affecting you now. They are only relevant as far as they can help facilitate what you are doing now.
The thing about time is that it is not linear and therefore, every moment that you pass becomes nonlinear. It dissolves into the full collection of who you are. That full collection of who you are is with you all the time. You do not need to calculate, you do not need to track, and you do not need to put in some sort of order the past lifetimes that you have lived before.
Trust that anything you need from those lifetimes is with you now. It is in your cellular memory. It is part of your subconsciousness and it will come to you as you need it. One of the reasons it can be difficult to track the order of your past lifetimes is that time is nonlinear. In the same way that each moment passes by and just becomes part of the universal whole, or the Akashic records, so too does every lifetime.
As soon as a lifetime has been lived, it is no longer packaged in chronological order. It becomes packaged according to its usefulness. Depending on the theme that you are exploring now, different past lifetimes will come to you -- they will occur to you. Your past lives, just like all information in your Akashic Records, is stored based on its usefulness to you in the present moment. It is not stored in chronological order. (Dec 2010)

Jen Eramith MA


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