Friday, December 17, 2010

Family Time

On Wed Ela and I came to Istanbul to visit my family and give them the chance to spend time with their granddaughter whom they've been missing very much...the last time they saw her (apart from video chats) was in August,which is a long time considering the fact that we're actually quite close; just an hour away by plane. I do feel sorry for these long separations but traveling with a small baby was just not my thing. I promised them that now that Ela's older our trips will be more frequent (also because it'll be easier for me to concentrate on work from here :p). Yesterday we spent a nice afternoon at Forum Istanbul, my initial plan was to also visit the aquarium Turkuazoo, which is part of the mall, but a friend, whom we were going to meet there, said it's not worth it - at least not now with a small kid that won't really enjoy it. That's why we had a nice Starbucks break instead and then a little shopping tour at H&M, the shop that everybody here had been waiting for for there are two of them in Istanbul (second branch at Istinye Park).

Today I'm planning to take Ela to one of the Play Barns (the one in Atakoy) when she wakes up from her nap. She gets bored when we stay at home the whole day so I want to give her the chance to have some fun and socialize, because that's what she's used to back home. Before going to bed, Ela played with her 'Oma' and they made her first origami flapping bird together :) The older she gets, the more she will experience the benefits of her Oma being a former Kindergarten teacher...

Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow!

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