Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Snow Tale...Bir Kar Masali

I wasn't able to write any "real" posts lately since I've already started to work inofficially (officially nxt Mo) plus my auntie is keeping Ela and me very busy :)

But I couldn't miss the chance to share a wonderful book project I found out about today.
Three very talented Turkish mommy bloggers (who actually didn't know each other at the beginning) came together and created a heart-warming, inspiring, enjoyable e-book called "Bir Kar Masali/A Snow Tale". Pls click here to read or look at the lovely illustrations.
Currently, there is no printed version but that might change soon ;)
Very soon there will be a free application for iPhones/iPads tho!
And will somebody pls correct me if I'm wrong but I think I've read somewhere about an English version!?!?


  1. Janset, thanks alot for your support.
    And, here is the good news, The English version of our tale will be available soon :)