Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Unsuspecting Role of our Parents

I just read Lee Carroll's (Kryon) latest message and esp. the following paragraphs touched me deeply. Apparently, I still had such feelings re. my parents.
Many of you have parents who are not awake to the possibility of a personal, loving God, as you are. Some of these parents are still alive and with you, and some have passed. Oh, they may love God in their own way, all in appropriateness, but they have no awakening to the quantum Creator inside. They would not be in a meeting like this, would they? But you have awakened to a "quantum system" and you're starting to help the planet with it. You're building a bridge to a future quantum culture. Linear worship has no calling to you.

You have a profound spirituality without a prophet, a book or buildings to worship in. You've created a beautiful energy of love and creator-companionship within yourself, and before you're finished on Earth, millions will awaken around you to the same idea. The idea is not the one you were taught. Instead, it's a new spiritual paradigm of truth - that you were created magnificent, that you have power over your own physical bodies, and even nature itself bows to your collective mastery. You are a beautiful creation in a beautiful garden that was made for you, and you're going to have the wisdom to take care of it for the first time in Human history.
Perhaps some times you look at your parents and you say, "I wish they had what I have." Some of you will say, "It appears they're stuck in an old way." And when they pass over, you'll say, "I wish they could have known what I know." So let me rewrite this linear thought into a quantum concept for you, and in the process expose the incredible system and the love of God.
Come with me within the mind of God for a moment and I will take you to the Wind of Birth of your parents. In a timeless state, they meet you, their potential children, and you listen to what they have to say: "Dear ones, we're going to come to Earth in an old energy. But the potentials are there for things to happen on the planet in your generation, not ours. We're going to give you birth and life. We're going to bring your soul into the planet at the right time so you can make the difference. In Humanism, we may not help you awaken the way you think we might. Instead, we may actually give you puzzles that will force you to find God within, but this is the way the old energy interfaces with the new. We will, indeed, bring you to a place where you will have light that we just can't have within an older energy."
So I ask you, dear listener and reader, who is the Lightworker here?

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