Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter has finally arrived! And so much more...

I've been desperately waiting for the winter season this year. Not only because I like cold weather but because I had this strange feeling that as soon as winter arrives big and unexpected is going to happen. About myself. About my life.
And that's why I really got impatient and was bored of still having 25 degrees in December.
But suddenly -at last- the temperatures dropped and everything fell into place! I got a call from my former boss who made a perfect offer and now I'm preparing to become a working mom :)
I'd love to share more details but I'm so tired at the moment that I want to do that later, maybe after I've started and can give a clearer picture.
It was freezing today, even snowing earlier in the day. But we still went out with Ela and I even took her to the park for a short swing-swing.

That was yesterday...


  1. oh great, i know this feeling of something will happen and i am loving the winter, too. it sounds like a new era will arrive for you! i wish you the best!
    much love, d.

  2. Thx D.!!! I have the feeling this winter will bring life-changing events for all of us ;))
    Happy Holidays!