Sunday, January 9, 2011


I hadn't yet watched the baby documentary "Babies" when I read Evren's post today were she gives a link to the trailer. And because I had time and was in the mood I googled and found the documentary here, in case you also want to follow the first years of four cuties in Mongolia, Japan, Namibia and the United States.
Amazing to see the huge differences so clearly and also inspiring to see how perfect all of them still are despite the differences.


  1. It is really amazing! By the way congrats on your new job! I am glad for you :) At first times it may be difficult to be away from Ela, but it gets much better. You know a happy mama = happy child :)

  2. Thx Evren! I couldn't agree more, the happier I am, the happier Ela gets, too ;))
    And the good thing is that I'll be working from home so for now I'm still not away from Ela but I know that soon it will get more hectic and I will have to consider at least half-day daycare...
    Love from Izmir!