Thursday, January 27, 2011

Being more relaxed...or what?

Right now we're sitting in front of the TV with Ela and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Yes, this week we 'officially' started to turn on the TV sometimes! All my strictness and firmness re. this matter has suddenly softened and I'm fine with her watching stuff once in a while. She's not obsessed with TV and is very picky and her attention span is also very short, of course.
I also gave her a little bit of dark chocolate the other day, another noo-noooo! She didn't like it anyway so I don't think this one time will turn into a habit anytime soon.
So why the sudden change of attitude? I have no idea...maybe I'm just too distracted and focused on work now that I simply don't want to take things too serious anymore.
In fact, I like myself being more relaxed. Saying "whatever" more often...

One of E.'s favorite activities (for now)


  1. i am at the same point at the moment! trying to relax more often (TV, sleeping times, eating habits etc.) and i have to say things are easier with it. i am feeling more relaxed and this attitude helps me to stay calm even in harder situations and everything is flowing more....
    much love, d.

  2. Exactly! I guess keeping the balance is the best of all attitudes. Not too strict not too loose... ;))