Wednesday, January 5, 2011

further updates...

Ela's finally becoming more chatty...
Asser = Wasser (= water)
Nein = No
Dede = Grandpa
Dayi = Uncle
Dasche = Tasche (= bag)
No Yo = New York (this one requires explanation I guess, she loves Jayz's song Empire State Of Mind and asks for it a hundred times every day: No Yooooo :p)
Hei = Heidi
Naa = Nar (= pomegranate)
nass = wet

I'm trying to set up a new routine for us...with enough time for my work, for Ela and also myself...and Alper. Not easy but I need a few days, maybe a week or so I guess. Business started very fast, it's a logistics company and after New Year all new shippings and bookings and rate requests are pouring in, of course. And although I'm not truly involved yet it feels overwhelming but exciting at the same time.

I have the feeling that that's how we will feel in 2011; overwhelmed but excited!!!

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