Friday, January 28, 2011

Studio English Experience

Long before I had a baby I decided that German would be the language I'd use. Both because it feels more natural to me and also because it's such a difficult language to learn after a certain age. Besides, I want Ela to be able to communicate during our stays in Germany.
Concerning English I thought it would be best to start when she can talk properly and is ready to "learn" something. Probably around the age of three I thought.
But the fact that in our weekly playgroup everybody speaks English and Ela also hears me speaking English all the time since most of my friends are Eng.-speaking, I didn't give it a second thought when Isla told me that Studio English, a place in Alsancak, had made our group a special offer.
We started last week and today we already had our third "lesson". There are two lovely teachers, one American and one English, and a young Turkish girl, taking care of the kids, playing, singing, having fun with them.
The kids aren't really learning anything, or let's say, they aren't really being taught anything. I don't think any of the moms in this group has such an ambitious goal. But it would be nice, of course, if after a few weeks they could sing along some songs or so. For now they are just doing free play.

This was today...

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