Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I closed the year with a new job, a busy schedule, a short trip to Istanbul, two lovely weeks with favorite auntie and an eager-to-start-to talk toddler. Tomorrow Omatante Saadet will fly back to Germany and both Ela and I will miss her a lot. She literally was Ela's Santa Claus this Christmas...a whole suitcase full with all kinds of amazing gifts. I couldn't believe that she had carried them all the way from Germany. I took photos of each present and was planning to list them here because I wanted to keep a record for later but then I decided this to be quite inappropriate, after all. Although we didn't give them all at once Ela was still quite overwhelmed and, of course, didn't quite get the concept :) Some of them (like pens, a pencil case, a jewelry box, coloring books, hair accessories, a bracelet, a necklace, rings, English books) I  put away. Firstly, to prevent any damage and secondly, because she wouldn't really appreciate them now.
And I made an agreement with Omatante; no more full suitcases with gifts! This time Ela was too small to understand but soon she will get the idea and the last thing I want is a spoiled child who can't get enough and doesn't value anything in the end. Only 1-2 gifts for special days like birthdays, Christmas, etc. and if she brings more they will be given at a later date.
What else did she get?
Well, still not sure if appropriate to list but anyways;  an Aqua Doodle XXL, a magic drawing board, around 7-8 German books (fairy tales, Heidi, funny stories), 2 swimsuits, 1 bath towel, 6 body suits, Hello Kitty stuff (accessories, a bag, a book), Lillifee stuff (a bag, a mirror, a comb, a utensils bag for her room), bath stuff, 2 toycars (to have something non-girly :p), and other things I can't remember now...

Here's Ela with her Omatante...

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