Sunday, February 6, 2011

Backe, backe Kuchen...

Sunday mornings I'm trying to spend some fun time in the kitchen with Ela, letting her play with ingredients, baking things and enjoying the nice smell.
I'd like her to remember this smell later...
She's kind of hesitant with new things though, and doesn't like to make a mess...she also asks me to clean her fingers every single time she dips her fingers in finger paint, for instance.
I really hope she's not gonna be hygiene obsessed!

very, very careful...

that's gonna be quite salty!

Ela's favorite cheese muffins

Mama's favorite 'Marmorkuchen'


  1. oh so yummy....this marmorkuchen looks like heaven! would like to have the recipe.
    ela is so cute doing her thing in the kitchen!
    much love, d.

  2. Wow, they all seem so delicious! Tulin Su had a time when she was asking us to clean her fingers, we tried to tell her that it is ok to get dirty. I think it is a stage, they wear out.

  3. Yummy! They both look delicious!!!

    P.S. don't know if you've noticed, but the shabby blog thingy on the top left of your screen is hiding half of your top post.

  4. Thx D., will send you the recipe ;))

    Yes, Evren, that's what my friends said, I hope you're would be sad if she became an obsessed person, I wonder sometimes if I'm doing anything to cause such a behavior...but I guess it's better to be relaxed.

  5. Thx Sandra, didn't know that :o
    Will try to fix it...