Friday, February 18, 2011

Bye Bye TV

Last week, when both Ela and I were a little sick, I decided to be more relaxed with Ela watching a little bit of TV during the day although my initial plan was to wait till she's at least 2 or so. But her attitude and behavior has changed so much till then that no matter if there really is a connection or not I decided to stick to my initial plan for now. I know, it might be a coincidence, but her tantrum-like behavior, constant wake-ups at night and aggressiveness in general, forced me to take some sort of action and the only change that occured in her life is actually having watched TV. And I must say, that yesterday, her first TV-free day, she was much more herself, calmer and less aggressive, with no tantrums and better sleeping patterns.

Instead, she finally decided to like coloring & painting; she was obviously waiting for a paint brush...stupid Mama!


  1. paint brush! yes. that´s the idea! i will try it for my little one also.....thanks for the idea! it is so simple, but i did not think about it....:-)

  2. I know D., I also didn't think about it till they used one at the playgroup :s