Saturday, February 12, 2011

Marmorkuchen Recipe (Marble Cake)

To Eva and D. with love...

3 eggs
1 pack. vanilin sugar
250 gr sugar
250 gr margarine
1 pack. baking powder
400 gr flour
1/4 milk (or as much as you need to make the dough softer)
50 gr cacao (I usually use more since I like the cacao part to be dark and rich)

*grease the cake pan, mix eggs, vanilin, sugar and margarine (I usually melt the margarine before) till it becomes a soft and smooth dough, then mix the flour with baking powder and slowly add to dough, add milk to soften dough again, pour most of the dough (2/3) into the cake pan and add cacao to the rest of it, mix well and pour it into the cake pan, too. Put into oven at 160-175'degrees (whatever your usual baking degree is) and after 15 min use a knife to make a straight line into the middle of the cake, it should be ready in 50-60 min but check with a toothpick before taking out.


  1. Thank you, Janset.
    Happy Valentine's Day.
    Love from Eva

  2. yap valla Modafobik! Hazirlamasi 10 dak., pismesi 50 dak, yemesi sana kalmis ;))

  3. oh, i found this by moving through your blog. i missed it before! thank you so much! i will try it out this week! oh, it looks so yummy, yummy, yummy. thanks so much for the recipe!
    much love, d.