Thursday, February 10, 2011

A rather tasteless story

Yesterday I had a meeting with my boss and we were planning to attend a meeting together very close to the office. While speaking to her I had a herbal tea and started to feel slightly sick afterwards, but didn't really think it was anything serious so we left the building and took a cab. The assistant manager was also with us. Half-way I suddenly felt so sick that before I could understand what happened I was vomiting right into the cab and myself of course. Very, very bad and ugly.
Anyways, I cleaned myself and felt actually good enough to continue. What a wrong decision that was.
We arrived, the meeting started and after 10 min I had the same strange feeling again. We were meeting a young lady and a man, I told the lady I urgently needed to visit the loo and although she was very prompt the fact that their toilet had a special key and that it took their security guy ages to find it made me almost throw up on the toilet door. Luckily, I made it.
I returned, sat there for another 10 min. and when my boss realized I wasn't in a very good condition she said I could leave if I want since the meeting was far from over. I could have kissed her.
On my way down the strange feeling started again, I threw myself out of the building and had a last act of vomiting in the middle of Kordon. How nice.
Ela was with Alper in the office and when I told him what happened he said I should go straight home.
There, I had another crisis every 30 min. and felt weaker and weaker due to dehydration. Couldn't eat or drink anything.
All this was very interesting for me when I watched myself from the outside. It happened for the first time in my life and I hadn't been sick for a long time, in general.
My quantum mind started to work immediately, of course :p
And then I remembered I had read recently. Steve Rother's latest message that was talking about less water consumption and less need for fluids in general. Was my body just trying to get rid of the waste negative remains that the water in my body were carrying?
I also wasn't able to drink a lot of water lately, for instance.
I don't know. Today I feel better, just weak of course.
BTW, here's the article.
I wish everybody healthy days!

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