Sunday, April 24, 2011

An article I Iiked...on quantum thinking and more

Our last 2 days in's been a lovely week. And today I had this strange feeling that this visit wasn't just about meeting family and having fun. I had to be here. I had to learn something. This Mercury Retro was again mainly about letting go and in my case I think it was letting go the childish anger against my mom that I thought I had let go before. I realized that it wasn't actually anger but the desire to take revenge. I wanted to pay back for my early years as a child and esp. teenager when she was so strict and I couldn't really reply and had almost zero connection to her. Now I could reply and I could say she was wrong and I could criticize her and I could show my anger and I could even tell her off. Just to make up those early years.
My ego was so determined that even the slightest comment or move made me tense. My higher self, on the other hand, was determined to stop feeling tense and work this out somehow. They (false self&true self) were having constant rows and fights but eventually managed to sort it out and now that I've named it, as revenge that is, I can deal with it more easily and the ego's voice is diminishing more and more. I can hardly hear it anymore....

Anyways, I wanted to share a link to an article I liked about creativity and quantum thinking. In fact, it's quite irrelevant but when I started to post I had the urge to share my current emotions and feelings.  Please click here to read the article.

Love and light from Istanbul.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At Home

I realize, it's nice to have a place you can go back to and call home. To escape, to return and to miss the current daily life. Our days in Istanbul are pleasant, esp. for Ela..she's enjoying her time with Oma and Opa. And I'm amazed to see how different my mom is with her than she was with me. Our not so close relationship probably suffered from her being busy with work& study when I was little and coming home tired. She did her best and I simply  thought she could do better. I made peace with this quite a while ago and can clearly  see that she wants to use this chance to show her motherly affection and compassion (which she skipped on me) to Ela.
Of course, there are moments when I can feel that they would like to comment on things like half an hour ago when Ela refused to nap in her cot and had a mini-tantrum and after a while my dad came in and asked what's wrong, couldn't she sleep later, blabla...but I'm prepared, I'm determined to be patient and still not give in and do it my way. And they are obviously determined to be respectful enough so the tension is bearable in such situations.

Weather-wise it's like winter these days, dark, wet and cold...but I don't mind, during the week I have lots of work to do anyway and it doesn't hurt me to spend our free times in shopping malls (it does hurt my wallet tho!)

It looks like sunny days will be back on Thurs so I made some nice plans for the weekend...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Off to Istanbul

In a few hours Ela and I will head off to Istanbul. I'm happy and excited!
The next 10 days will bring new routines, experiences, relaxation, fun, family time, maybe also some stress, different places, lots of shopping (just in time for Shopping Fest :p), more time for work, lots of love & playtime for Ela and the good feeling of being home again.
But this will be the very first time that I'm really going to miss Izmir, our friends, our meetings, our chats...this is a totally new feeling for me (missing Izmir that is) and I truly like it. It's one of the gifts that came with Ela; coming closer with precious people, having more opportunities to socialize, having the desire to make the best of the time I have.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

How I feel these days...

Flowery, summery, excited, happy, curious, sometimes overwhelmed, busy, social, interested in the new, open, colorful, supported, needed, ready to travel, talkative, rooted, healing.....

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Forecast by Susan Miller

Akashic Records For April 2011 (by Jen Eramith MA)

What energies and experiences can we expect in April 2011?

The feeling this month is similar to the feeling of going down a roller coaster. The collective energy speeds up so that time will seem to pass more quickly, and you may feel as if you cannot keep track of things very well. For many of you, it is going to feel like things are metaphorically “going downhill” in your life. It is important this month, to stay calm and to remind yourself every day to trust and to be loving with yourself and with others.
Many people are going to feel like their lives are out of control this month. It feels that way, but what is really happening, if you look at the big picture of the year, is that you are learning where you need more structural support in your life. It is so important this year that each of you does the work you need to do in your life to set yourself up for success. It is so important that you build structures in your life that support you, that you build relationships that are supportive, and that you set up routines in your life that are supportive. It is time to take care of everything and fix the things that are not working. It is so important that you do this, this year if you are going to be ready for what is continuing to happen through 2012 and the years to come.
Anything in your life that is not stabilized yet, anything that you are not taking care of yet, is going to start moving very quickly this month in order to bring your attention to it. For some of you, this month might feel like hitting rock bottom. If you need to hit rock bottom in some pattern in your life, this will be the month that you hit it. It is so important to be gentle with yourself, to be nurturing. The more you are willing to step up and take care of yourself and rebuild the parts of your life that need rebuilding, the more easily this month will go by.

How can we find the greatest benefit from this energy?

The way to find the greatest benefit this month is, first and foremost, to keep remembering to trust and to love. But, second to that, it will really serve you to be organized and to take the time needed to back up and start again when things are not going well. If you start a process and part way through you realize it is not working well, it is better this month to stop and go back and start again than it is to try to stick with it and just close your eyes and get to the end of it. Any challenge coming up right now, is there so that you will rebuild the structure. So it is not going to serve anyone to close your eyes and barrel forward this month.
The whole reason that this energy is set up is to encourage you to stop and slow down and start again and fix things as you go. So be organized, make lists, look around your home or your office and just think about how things work. Are belongings placed in a most beneficial location? Are there certain objects or belongings standing in your way? What offers daily frustration and how can you change it so that frustration is no longer part of your daily routine? These are the questions to ask yourself. Do the same thing for relationships. What are the relationships that continually feel blocked? How can you back up and start again? Can you change your expectations with this person? Can you change the way you communicate with them? Find ways to change the structures in your life to make them work better.
This month is going to feel like it is going by really fast and so you are going to feel a tendency to want to just close your eyes and just keep moving forward. But you are meant to stop and start again every time you find something not working.

Jen Eramith MA

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Visual Update

Hey!!! This ban has kind of forced us to give a break and there's sooo much to catch up but unfortunately no time so a quick visual update with pix of the last few days...
We're all very well; very busy with work, social life and preparing for our Istanbul trip on April 15.
Nice to finally have the mild spring weather, even the rain doesn't bother too much...

E.'s best friends Elis & Alisa...they truly suffer if they don't see each other every day...this is our new front of the Tally Weijl shop in prevent any complaints by shop owners we buy a T-Shirt in turns once in a while ;))