Sunday, April 24, 2011

An article I Iiked...on quantum thinking and more

Our last 2 days in's been a lovely week. And today I had this strange feeling that this visit wasn't just about meeting family and having fun. I had to be here. I had to learn something. This Mercury Retro was again mainly about letting go and in my case I think it was letting go the childish anger against my mom that I thought I had let go before. I realized that it wasn't actually anger but the desire to take revenge. I wanted to pay back for my early years as a child and esp. teenager when she was so strict and I couldn't really reply and had almost zero connection to her. Now I could reply and I could say she was wrong and I could criticize her and I could show my anger and I could even tell her off. Just to make up those early years.
My ego was so determined that even the slightest comment or move made me tense. My higher self, on the other hand, was determined to stop feeling tense and work this out somehow. They (false self&true self) were having constant rows and fights but eventually managed to sort it out and now that I've named it, as revenge that is, I can deal with it more easily and the ego's voice is diminishing more and more. I can hardly hear it anymore....

Anyways, I wanted to share a link to an article I liked about creativity and quantum thinking. In fact, it's quite irrelevant but when I started to post I had the urge to share my current emotions and feelings.  Please click here to read the article.

Love and light from Istanbul.


  1. I found what you said so interesting. I am really conscious of the way langauge can be used to position people but I never linked my ability to express myself to my ego or past desires... I certainly use that on my husband and my mom(for many, many reasons). Thank you for sharing such an insightful post. I miss you!!!!
    luv Nathalie

  2. Missed u too Nat! But just a few hours to go... :))

  3. Dear Janset,
    Happy belated birthday. I just found out through Isla's blog that it must have been your birthday as well.
    Hope you still savor from your journey back to Istanbul.
    Love from Eva

  4. Thank you, Eva! I was too lazy to post this week :))) and you might remember that birthdays are not really my thing..but this one was very nice, it's good when you can share it with somebody, to split attention ;))
    Love, Jan..

  5. i can relate to your emotions and words so much. my mother-theme came up very strong as i was pregnant. it hit me in face directly. for me it was hard to let go all this anger inside of myself. step by step it came out and i could let it go. but there always came phases where more of these feelings came out. at the moment i am feeling that the most of it is gone, but i am not sure.
    i think every woman has to go though her own motherprocess, right? it is hard sometimes...
    now everyday i am praying for the guidance through my higher self and amazing things happen.
    sending you much love and light for this process.

  6. Thx for sharing your thoughts D.
    I agree, every woman and esp. every mother is probably forced to face her issues with her own mom at some point. And speaking for myself the hardest part for me was to admit that I have things in common with her...things I actualy didn't like about her at's amazing how people can mirror you sometimes and you're so not aware that they are actually reflecting you.
    Love & enjoy the cake ;)