Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At Home

I realize, it's nice to have a place you can go back to and call home. To escape, to return and to miss the current daily life. Our days in Istanbul are pleasant, esp. for Ela..she's enjoying her time with Oma and Opa. And I'm amazed to see how different my mom is with her than she was with me. Our not so close relationship probably suffered from her being busy with work& study when I was little and coming home tired. She did her best and I simply  thought she could do better. I made peace with this quite a while ago and can clearly  see that she wants to use this chance to show her motherly affection and compassion (which she skipped on me) to Ela.
Of course, there are moments when I can feel that they would like to comment on things like half an hour ago when Ela refused to nap in her cot and had a mini-tantrum and after a while my dad came in and asked what's wrong, couldn't she sleep later, blabla...but I'm prepared, I'm determined to be patient and still not give in and do it my way. And they are obviously determined to be respectful enough so the tension is bearable in such situations.

Weather-wise it's like winter these days, dark, wet and cold...but I don't mind, during the week I have lots of work to do anyway and it doesn't hurt me to spend our free times in shopping malls (it does hurt my wallet tho!)

It looks like sunny days will be back on Thurs so I made some nice plans for the weekend...

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