Saturday, April 2, 2011

Visual Update

Hey!!! This ban has kind of forced us to give a break and there's sooo much to catch up but unfortunately no time so a quick visual update with pix of the last few days...
We're all very well; very busy with work, social life and preparing for our Istanbul trip on April 15.
Nice to finally have the mild spring weather, even the rain doesn't bother too much...

E.'s best friends Elis & Alisa...they truly suffer if they don't see each other every day...this is our new front of the Tally Weijl shop in prevent any complaints by shop owners we buy a T-Shirt in turns once in a while ;))


  1. Dear Janset,
    I am glad you are well. You look fantastic. I think I have never seen you in black.
    Ela has really grown. It's nice to see her with her friends.
    Love for Eva

  2. Thx Eva :) good observation! I didn't want to wear black for a long time but recently having the desire to wear it again...wondering what that means ;)))
    BTW, you also look fantastic, I love all of your recent pictures and I really think you have never looked better!!!
    Enjoy your Sunday meine Liebe..kisses to you & Leyla