Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Words of Truth

Just wanted to share a motivating, inspiring and enlightening article I just read...I needed these words of truth today, maybe you do, too ;))

All things that come to you are gifts from the Creator that you choose not to unwrap, or acknowledge. Goodness is easy to see and find in the long hours of the day but what about all your experiences that are not as easy, not as pretty, and not as fun. All parts of the universe are walking into your world because you summoned them, you put out the clarion call, and you issued a decree – “Come forth into my life Teach me, Show me. The learning’s come whether by pleasure, by pain, by goodness, by badness, by dark, or by light. It does not matter.” You called forth everything that happened to you on this day and yesterday and tomorrow from the very second of your birth to the very second of your death. You called it all into existence. You called to the good guys, you called to the bad guys, you called the lack, and the prosperity. You beckoned it by your thoughts, your words, and your energies.

We say it over and over again; your world is a giant cosmic etch-a-sketch. You are drawing the very blueprints, of your existence. You beckon it forward with your likes, your dislikes, your angers, your loves, your hates, your wants, and your needs. Deny nothing that comes to you. It is all in Divine proportion.
Look to your world for the divinity that you seek. Your world reflects the divinity that you seek. You want angels – angels shall come. You want the Easter bunny – he shall be here too. Whatever on Earth that you ask for – is given to you –you are the favorite children of the Creator! You are the chosen people yet you see it not.
The quickening is upon you, for you, beside you, in you, beneath you, and above you. We are all family members in the heavenly realm, but you were the last-born and the favorite of the Father. Everything was given to you, but like a spoiled child you do not appreciate the gifts. You who are the favorite children, need to remember and choose yourself. Why do you think it is a planet of free choice and free will that you reside upon? Everything revolves around choice, chosen, choose –What will you choose? How will you choose? Who will you choose? You wait energetically for others to choose you, for God to choose you, when all along it has been your choice. You chose, you create, you manifest, from the inside out!
Become the Chosen, the One who chooses the highest Light. Stop denying your divinity. Every minute of your day, every action with every person and every situation -- is divinely instructed and orchestrated what songs are you playing to others? You break bread with the Creator every minute of every day with every breath, every choice, every situation – you are breaking bread with the Divine. Sit at the table of Light and sup upon what has been given you.


Here's the full article.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Two dear friends decided to create a website for foreigners, expats, visitors that is people who somehow ended up in Turkey or are planning to move to this part of the world. The main focus for now will be on Izmir but soon other cities will be added to the list. I would def. have loved to have a guide like this when I first moved to Izmir. Although I'm not a foreigner it felt like changing countries after a life in a big city like Istanbul.
I want to make their voice heard here and, therefore, would like to continue with their own words and introduction. I hope they don't mind :))
Here's what Sheena Nap-Brooks and Isla Selupucin would like everybody to know:

"Helping you live in Turkey happily"


The mission of our site is to help you transition to your new life in Turkey as easily as possible by offering realistic advice, honest articles from experienced "Yabancis" (foreigners) as well as providing an information source on Life in Turkey and how to set up your life here.


The Living Guide topics will relate to the whole of Turkey. It will provide information and articles in the Living that aim to be invaluable in the settling in process examples include How to get...
*Residence permits *Bring your pets here* Renting properties as well as
*Customs regulations *What to do in an emergency and articles on *Turkish Language/Religions and Culture (these are just a small sample of what the site plan to provide)


As we live in Izmir it is only natural that we would want to create a comprehensive guide to living in Izmir for expats and foreigners. The Izmir guide aims to bring information about Izmir that is otherwise hard to find as a foreigner whether you have just arrived or are planning to move to Izmir in the near future. You will find information and articles on

*Where to live (with expat recommendations')
*Activities in Izmir
*Expats Clubs and groups
*Being a mum in Izmir
*Learning the language here as well as the practical information that is explained in the living guide but details that are relevant to Izmir like *how to get a residence permit here *who to contact in an emergency

The Izmir guide will be continually updated with new articles and we look forward to inviting guest authors to contribute articles.

Sheena says:
" is the brain child of two stay-at-home motehrs living abroad in Turkey. Away from family and friends we have had to find a way to make ourselves whole again. We found each other and became good friends. After the birth of my preemie son I knew we would be friends for life. In our attempts to make friends and discoveries for ourselves, we found limited resources in English about Izmir where we live. We were both lucky to be married to Turkes but that is not always the case for other foreigners living in or visiting Turkey. We hope that creating this website can provide some light to situations that might otherwise seem impossible.

At the moment our website has five major functions. The Classifieds which help you buy and sell your stuff, post jobs and sell vehicles and homes. The Izmir Guide which gives information about living in Izmir. Turkish Living Guide is mainly to provide information relevant to all of Turkey. Fourth, the Izmir Directory lists out stores, business, restaurants, and shops in Izmir. Last but not least, the Expat Journal which will have monologues from foreign friends living in Turkey. We will continually be updating the articles on our site and expanding the Izmir Directory.

We want to wish you the best of luck during your time in Turkey. Whether it is long or short we hope to make it better.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Song Of The Day

From the album Mano Suave by Yasmin  Levy.

There's also a documentary with same title by Ruth Behar. More on that here.

Jennifer Hoffman - 'Mother's Day'

Sunday, May 8 we celebrated Mothers' Day in the U.S. And it's a day that we can have mixed feelings about because maybe our mother was not the loving, considerate, thoughtful greeting card model. Instead, she may have been abusive, jealous, mean and inconsiderate. She may have betrayed or abandoned us, not loved us enough or have given her child up for adoption. Yet our mother is our most important karmic relationship and the contract between child and mother is a sacred promise to bring a new life into the world so its healing journey can be completed.
No matter how much we glorify or idealize the idea of motherhood, it is the vehicle through which we all enter the world. We choose a mother and father who have the energies, karmic history, soul group connections and emotional DNA we need to embody in a lifetime and they become our parents. What happens after that is part of our journey of healing and reconnection and we can use that information and those experiences to heal and transform or allow them to become another karmic cycle for us.
We expect our mother to be the paragon of perfection that we believe is the definition of motherhood and think we have been short changed if she isn't. Then we grieve for the missing 'good enough mother', who loves, protects, supports and nurtures us. But who has a mother like that? In my experience, most Lightworkers do not. What we need to ask about is our contract with them and theirs with us, what lessons they held for us and how our time with them has allowed us to grow in body, mind, emotions and spirit. What is the healing we can to complete with our mother, her energies, the mother/child paradigm she taught us and how can we do things differently?
Our generation, those of us who have had children since the 1970s, has to change the mother/child paradigm. And it was through our interaction with our mothers that enabled us to do things differently with our children and be the mother to them that we wanted for ourselves. On this Mother's Day celebrate your life, your presence and your purpose, reflect on the healing and transformation you have done in your life and thank your mother for bringing you here. Then release any anger, regret, sorrow or guilt so you can look at your mother without blame and see her as she is, another presence on the journey that is your lifetime. Use this day to also celebrate the feminine energy, which we all embody and whose expression, in the spiritual sense, is the embodiment of perfect and unconditional love. The feminine energy represents our capacity to give unconditional love and forgiveness to everyone, which is the highest aspect of the feminine energy. And we should take a moment to celebrate Mother Earth, the beautiful planet on which we live, which nourishes and sustains us all.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Where am I on Mother's Day?

I started 'my' day with a run and James Blunt asking me to "ask myself the question, Where Am I Now??"
Good question. Where am I now? Compared to last year? Three years ago? Or yesterday?
Now, I'm right here, being a mom, also a daughter, a sister, a wife, a woman, sometimes a child, a teenager, a lover, a worker,  a healer, a traveler, a friend, a student, a spiritual soul, a curious person eager to learn and explore life as it is.
Looking for balance, peace, divinity, pleasure, wholeness, love, joy, laughter and fun.

Mother's Day is nothing special in my eyes, just like all other "special" days. It's a day on which I struggle to decide whether I have to call mother-in-law just because she would be offended if I didn't or if I should just do what I really want and not call since she is just not a relevant person, I don't see her as a mother figure (in Turkey you're supposed to call your mother-in-law "Anne" that is mom and I have a prob with that, I think it's an unnecessary act of fake behavior). In the end, I still called her since I just didn't want to deal with her offended attitude for the next few weeks (not that I see her very often, but still).
My husband didn't call my mom, on the other hand, and neither I nor my mom would ever show any kind of reaction to that.
I have a problem with things you are "supposed to do."

I want to close this post with some calm & peaceful piece of music. The song is called resistance and I would like to stop resisting to all sorts of things. Resistance causes trouble, you can't achieve what you want, you can't attract what you want, by resisting you block the energy and feel bad. I let go resistance.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Opening up

I just read an article about relationships in the new energy, it really appealed to me, made me realize that I'm still slightly reluctant to receive help or love, esp. the following sentence made me smile; "being able to receive or even ask for help when we need it, accepting compliments, and allowing our partner to nurture us are some of the ways we can be open to receive"
I've been working on opening up, asking more often for help, accepting love and compliments...but there must be a reason why I came across this article...and I sensed it while reading. I'm still quite closed.
So today I'd like to declare that I want to open the back of my heart chakra as wide as possible. I want to accept and receive what I'm willing to give.

"...In all the years I’ve been a healer I’ve noticed that those on the spiritual path have an easier time giving then receiving. The front of the heart chakra is wide open to giving love and of themselves, however, the back of the heart chakra located in the middle of the back tends to be closed due to difficulty in allowing others to give to them. In order for any relationship to be in balance it is essential to give and receive equally, though not necessarily in the same way. We give what we have and what the person may need at the time. Being able to receive or even ask for help when we need it, accepting compliments, and allowing our partner to nurture us are some of the ways we can be open to receive.

Love has the power to heal away all of our old hurts and wounds. We have all been wounded in many ways through our life experiences. Being vulnerable and opening up to a beloved partner can be healing to the soul. I’m not referring to a co-dependent relationship where we lose ourselves in another person and expect them to make everything better for us or for us to fix them. It’s about taking the relationship we’re in to the next level or entering one and experiencing a mutually loving and nurturing partnership."

Here's the full article.