Monday, May 9, 2011

Jennifer Hoffman - 'Mother's Day'

Sunday, May 8 we celebrated Mothers' Day in the U.S. And it's a day that we can have mixed feelings about because maybe our mother was not the loving, considerate, thoughtful greeting card model. Instead, she may have been abusive, jealous, mean and inconsiderate. She may have betrayed or abandoned us, not loved us enough or have given her child up for adoption. Yet our mother is our most important karmic relationship and the contract between child and mother is a sacred promise to bring a new life into the world so its healing journey can be completed.
No matter how much we glorify or idealize the idea of motherhood, it is the vehicle through which we all enter the world. We choose a mother and father who have the energies, karmic history, soul group connections and emotional DNA we need to embody in a lifetime and they become our parents. What happens after that is part of our journey of healing and reconnection and we can use that information and those experiences to heal and transform or allow them to become another karmic cycle for us.
We expect our mother to be the paragon of perfection that we believe is the definition of motherhood and think we have been short changed if she isn't. Then we grieve for the missing 'good enough mother', who loves, protects, supports and nurtures us. But who has a mother like that? In my experience, most Lightworkers do not. What we need to ask about is our contract with them and theirs with us, what lessons they held for us and how our time with them has allowed us to grow in body, mind, emotions and spirit. What is the healing we can to complete with our mother, her energies, the mother/child paradigm she taught us and how can we do things differently?
Our generation, those of us who have had children since the 1970s, has to change the mother/child paradigm. And it was through our interaction with our mothers that enabled us to do things differently with our children and be the mother to them that we wanted for ourselves. On this Mother's Day celebrate your life, your presence and your purpose, reflect on the healing and transformation you have done in your life and thank your mother for bringing you here. Then release any anger, regret, sorrow or guilt so you can look at your mother without blame and see her as she is, another presence on the journey that is your lifetime. Use this day to also celebrate the feminine energy, which we all embody and whose expression, in the spiritual sense, is the embodiment of perfect and unconditional love. The feminine energy represents our capacity to give unconditional love and forgiveness to everyone, which is the highest aspect of the feminine energy. And we should take a moment to celebrate Mother Earth, the beautiful planet on which we live, which nourishes and sustains us all.

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