Monday, May 23, 2011

Two dear friends decided to create a website for foreigners, expats, visitors that is people who somehow ended up in Turkey or are planning to move to this part of the world. The main focus for now will be on Izmir but soon other cities will be added to the list. I would def. have loved to have a guide like this when I first moved to Izmir. Although I'm not a foreigner it felt like changing countries after a life in a big city like Istanbul.
I want to make their voice heard here and, therefore, would like to continue with their own words and introduction. I hope they don't mind :))
Here's what Sheena Nap-Brooks and Isla Selupucin would like everybody to know:

"Helping you live in Turkey happily"


The mission of our site is to help you transition to your new life in Turkey as easily as possible by offering realistic advice, honest articles from experienced "Yabancis" (foreigners) as well as providing an information source on Life in Turkey and how to set up your life here.


The Living Guide topics will relate to the whole of Turkey. It will provide information and articles in the Living that aim to be invaluable in the settling in process examples include How to get...
*Residence permits *Bring your pets here* Renting properties as well as
*Customs regulations *What to do in an emergency and articles on *Turkish Language/Religions and Culture (these are just a small sample of what the site plan to provide)


As we live in Izmir it is only natural that we would want to create a comprehensive guide to living in Izmir for expats and foreigners. The Izmir guide aims to bring information about Izmir that is otherwise hard to find as a foreigner whether you have just arrived or are planning to move to Izmir in the near future. You will find information and articles on

*Where to live (with expat recommendations')
*Activities in Izmir
*Expats Clubs and groups
*Being a mum in Izmir
*Learning the language here as well as the practical information that is explained in the living guide but details that are relevant to Izmir like *how to get a residence permit here *who to contact in an emergency

The Izmir guide will be continually updated with new articles and we look forward to inviting guest authors to contribute articles.

Sheena says:
" is the brain child of two stay-at-home motehrs living abroad in Turkey. Away from family and friends we have had to find a way to make ourselves whole again. We found each other and became good friends. After the birth of my preemie son I knew we would be friends for life. In our attempts to make friends and discoveries for ourselves, we found limited resources in English about Izmir where we live. We were both lucky to be married to Turkes but that is not always the case for other foreigners living in or visiting Turkey. We hope that creating this website can provide some light to situations that might otherwise seem impossible.

At the moment our website has five major functions. The Classifieds which help you buy and sell your stuff, post jobs and sell vehicles and homes. The Izmir Guide which gives information about living in Izmir. Turkish Living Guide is mainly to provide information relevant to all of Turkey. Fourth, the Izmir Directory lists out stores, business, restaurants, and shops in Izmir. Last but not least, the Expat Journal which will have monologues from foreign friends living in Turkey. We will continually be updating the articles on our site and expanding the Izmir Directory.

We want to wish you the best of luck during your time in Turkey. Whether it is long or short we hope to make it better.


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