Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's been two years...

...since Ela was born,
...since my life took a deep turn on its path
...since we became a real family

I'm still amazed about the hugeness of love one can feel for another human being...sometimes it still overwhelms me and then comes the fear that this huge love will cause me to worry too much, to want to keep her safe and to not give her enough space to freely explore the world. Freedom was something I felt I didn't have when I was a child, constant worries, constant restrictions, constant limits...
I hope I will be able to balance my desire to provide a safe environment for her and at the same time give her enough freedom to nourish her desire to find her own path, to make her feel free and to learn by making mistakes.
She has changed in the last few days, as if she's feeling that she has grown and has reached a certain milestone on her path. We had a little celebration yesterday morning with a few playgroup friends, and for the first time she had a problem with sharing her things, she cried many times and was quite frustrated. This is a new experience and a good example that it's hard not to intervene as a mom and to just let her figure it out herself. I promised myself that I will try hard to be consistent so that she can learn to handle such situations on her own.
Tomorrow we are going to (slowly) start with potty training. I don't like the word training, in fact, and I won't be really training her, but our new rule will be no nappies at home, just training pants, a potty in every room and regular visits to the toilet. A friend gave her a lovely and very relevant present yesterday, "Girl's Potty Time with special reward stickers" (in Turkish), she likes to read/look at books anyway when  on the potty so this will make it more meaningful I guess :))

my usual, traditional carrot cake :)) don't think will be able to get away with it next year :s

after-party with Elis & Alisa


  1. Oh Janset, 2 years of parenting, two years of Life fro Ela. Happy Birth-day to both of you.
    Could you post the recipe for the carrot cake? I am really hungry right now and would've to have some.
    I changed blogs and it was quiet some work and time effort. I changed to word press, because my blog didn't work too well for some reason.
    here is the new address:
    You look amazing, you beautiful woman.
    Maybe we could try a Skype call one day. it is so hard for me to find time to write a thorough email/letter.

  2. Thanks my dear, I'll post the recipe right now! And then check your new blog address :))
    Yes, let's talk soon, I also have a magigjack now, I'll send you the number...
    Love & hugs, J.