Monday, June 6, 2011

'The Wise' Magazine

I'm very pleased to introduce a new digital & spiritual magazine: "The Wise"

Welcome to “The Wise” Magazine

The path to knowing yourself is a long, winding road full of obstacles. On our chosen road, we should never forget that we are souls inhabiting this planet. We can neither detach ourselves from the world we live in nor can we detach from our own souls. Hence, The Wise aims to combine spiritual teaching with the experience of daily life while employing both the mind and soul. Just as in life, we welcome all of you to this journey of “The Wise” with topics on spiritualism, esotericism, mysticism, and other consciousness-raising media and discussions. “The Wise” expects to embrace mankind all over the world through mutual issues and pay tribute to our journey which began seven years ago in the lands of Anatolia.

“The Wise” is a bi-monthly magazine published on digital media.
Here are some topics from our first issue and ways to follow “The Wise”:

- 2012: The End or The Change (by Burak Eldem)
- 2012: The Big Awakening (by Aycan Saroglu)
- An Individual Path to Spiritual Transformation (by Nil Gun)
- How to Find Your Soulmate with Feng Shui (by Sonsuz)
- What is Enlightenment? (by Berna Koker)
- Nostradamus: Beyond the Soothsayer (by Burak Eldem)
- Lost Labyrinth of Egypt (by Sonsuz)
- Beware of Your Prayers, They May Come True (by Cem Sen)
- Create Your Own Paradise (by Hakan Arabacioglu)
- Own a House for No Reason (by Pinar Derinbay)
- Astral Projection (by Mehmet Aslan)
- UFOs UFOS Everywhere (by Sonsuz)
- And many more…

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We release new articles about different subjects on our website, not found in “The Wise” Magazine issues. You can follow “The Wise” web articles by joining our Facebook and Twitter pages. Also you’re invited to join our community and our newsletter from our website.

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“The Wise” is waiting for you.

Hasan “Sonsuz” Celiktas
The Wise Publisher and Editor In Chief

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