Friday, July 29, 2011

What do you want?

Allison Rae is asking:
What do you want?

When we’re little, that’s what people are always asking, right? These days, the Universe is asking. And it’s waiting for your answer.

The cosmic force of creation needs you to focus the lens, to get clear on your vision, your dreams, your intent. You can take a giant step forward with whatever you want this weekend when three energetic gateways converge.

You can shoot for the mundane stuff, like a new car or a better job, maybe a date for Saturday night or someone to babysit your toddlers.

Or you can go for the gusto and tackle the big issues like getting free of addictions, ending (or beginning) relationships, turning your finances around, living your purpose or moving to a new location.

Why stop there? How about world peace, food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless and alternative energy sources that work?

Do you like the world we live in? Are you fed up with the violence, the greed and corruption, the injustice and insanity?

Do you dream of a more humanitarian world where every life matters, a world of hope and opportunity? Would you prefer to live on a just, nourishing, abundant, joyful and compassionate planet?

Are you tired of your life the way it’s been, your worn-out habits and the repetitive patterns you can’t seem to shake? Here’s your chance.

If you’re willing to participate in making the shift by changing yourself, you’ll start seeing progress quickly.

I’m not talking about chatting on Facebook, sitting around om-ing at peace meditations and love-ins or hoping so-called leaders will turn things around. I mean real-life change, one person and one choice at a time, that ultimately re-shapes the world. Action is required.

Why now

The prophecies of indigenous people everywhere point to these times as a period of intense purification, the transition from the current cycle to whatever comes next.

And guess what? No Native elder, no spiritual guru, no prophet or or pyschic or anyone else can tell you what the next world age will be like. We’re here to create it together.

A momentous opportunity is coming along this weekend to mold the life and the world you do want.

It begins with the new moon on July 30. On July 31, the Fifth Day of the ninth and final underworld of the Mayan calendar begins, coinciding with the Lammas/Imbolc cross-quarter gateway.

The mid-point between the June Solstice and September Equinox, Lammas (or Lughnasadh) continues through the Sun’s crossing of 15 Leo on August 7. The Fifth Day completes on August 17.

The most potent time for getting clear and setting intent is July 30-31. There’s both an opportunity and a responsibility in this.

The impact of thoughts, actions and choices go quantum when cycles line up. That means we can each contribute to planetary transformation more than ever before. On the flip side, if we don’t bother to make the most of this rare shift point, we’ll be giving our power away.

What will you choose?


If you’re going the empowered route, take time every day to imagine the world and the life you want. What does it look like? How does it taste, smell and feel? Notice who’s there with you, and who’s not. How do you spend your time? What are the qualities of this new life and new world?

According to Carl Johan Calleman’s interpretation, the evolution of consciousness accelerates throughout the completion of the nine underworlds of the Mayan calendar this year. Within this, the July 30-31 gateway is particularly potent. This is all designed to shift consciousness in ways that will result in the creation of a new world.

When I read the article I immediately started to think about all the things I was going to focus on this weekend, what I wanted for myself, for others, the world...what I was dreaming of and working on to manifest in the near future...then I had to smile since this weekend I'm going to spend so much time at places I love the most, people I truly love and beautiful, romantic energies flying around.
My dear little brother (tho 31) is going to marry his lovely girlfriend Zeynep tomorrow. That's def. going to create the romantic energy :p
Then we're going to have a small family dinner at Lacivert Restaurant, a beautiful & again romantic venue at the Bosphorus. The restaurant can only be reached by little boats from Rumeli Hisari (European side) to the Anatolian side so the ride to/from the restaurant is another spectacle I'm really looking forward to. Riding on the Bosphorus has always inspired and amazed me...
Since my parent's flat is full with guests we will stay in a hotel for the weekend, Alper arranged Five Boutique Hotel in Harbiye, another place that makes me feel really good and that's close to Nisantasi, another favorite...
For Sunday morning I arranged a special breakfast at Frederic's/SuAda, again in the middle of the Bosphorus. I used to go swimming there when I was living in Istanbul and I remember that it was the most perfect place for dreaming and imagining all kinds of things...
After that some shopping is on the plan probably at Istinye Park and afterwards we're meeting friends at Bebek Starbucks. Bebek is the place I always wanted to live during my years in Istanbul and it still is on top of my wish list of places to live!
I guess I couldn't have organized a more perfect setting to focus on my dreams and desires. I dearly wish everybody the most perfect weekend and pls don't forget to focus on your dreams! So...

What do you want?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Driving with their eyes closed (by Jennifer Hoffman)

"My first thought, when I heard that Amy Winehouse had died, was how sad that such a gifted powerful woman was no longer here and that her death would impact us as much as her life did. Many people will look at her short life and think of her as another hopeless addict, too messed up to take control of her life but that is not what she was. Amy was part of a generation whose purpose is to show us our pain and dysfunction, which they often do by mirroring it themselves. If she made people uncomfortable, or if her music touched us deeply it was because her life, addictions and pain were, in some way, ours too.
It is easy to judge people like Amy Winehouse, and the thousands of other gifted young people we know who appear to waste their lives and their talents. We think 'if I had a gift like that I would make better use of it' or 'if I had that ability I wouldn't be wasting my time and energy on drugs and alcohol.' We love, hate, criticize and judge them because they are such great mirrors of us and our pain. We love them because we can connect and relate to them; we hate them because they remind us of our pain and weakness. And we judge and criticize them because they speak a truth we are afraid to hear.
They seem to be 'driving with their eyes closed', crashing into the walls of society with no regard for themselves. I believe they are highly empathic and can't tell the difference between our pain and theirs, so they take it all in. Everything hurts, all of the time, and drugs and alcohol numb the pain. They try to fix the world by showing us our darkness and dim their own light in the process. They do not know that the easier way is to shine their light brightly but they are too afraid that we will get the wrong impression, so they become a caricature of their truth and hope that by inspiring us to pity and cry with them, that we will get the message.
It is not easy to be part of this transitional generation who have come to change the world and who are so talented that we hold them to a higher standard. So when they try to connect with us through our humanity, by mirroring our pain, we think they are just being stupid. But the situation is much more complicated than that and we, although we don't realize it, are blessed by their life, no matter how short it is, as well as by their passing. One day we will no longer need these kinds of teachers and we can celebrate them, their talent, empathy, gifts and their lives in happier ways."

Jennifer Hoffman

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Last week in Bodrum

Not much to say after a relaxing & uplifting week in Bodrum, Torba. Unlike Cesme I think I could spend the whole summer in Bodrum...even sitting at the beach and doing nothing gives me a feeling of peace and also excitement...very energizing and inspiring..
We stayed in one of the boutique hotels in Torba Bay called Casa dell'Arte, a place that was originally designed as an art gallery and then was turned into a family resort & residence a few years ago. There were interesting art pieces all over the place, some very beautiful, some rather ugly or let's say "interesting".
The really nice ones are being displayed in the residence building which is more suitable for families with older kids (12+) but I couldn't find the time to go and take some pics there..

Here are some of the "pieces" in the family resort & and some beach pics..

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bon Jovi Rocked Istanbul

I wasn't able to go to their concert in Istanbul last Friday but even the  below recordings were enough to take me back to my early teenager years, 25 years ago! (woww, that's tooo long!) I wish I could've been there...hopefully next time!
Isn't he cute :))

And tho not a concert recording here's one of my favorites..

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer weekending

Every summer in July/August Izmir turns into ghost town, esp. at weekends everybody escapes to a nearby coastal place like Cesme, Foca, Ozdere, Kusadasi, Ayvalik, etc...
We are going to spend most of our weekends in Cesme, as usual, at our traditional location, Sisus Hotel in Dalyankoy. Except next week when we will spend a few days in Bodrum with my aunt from Germany and the following week a few days in Istanbul due to my brother's wedding.
Here's what our weekends in Cesme will more or less look like...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

KRYON: The Quantum Factor


The first energy ever discovered that won't allow to be weaponized...that has attitude...

Even to this day, science does not see the obvious, that 90% of DNA is quantum and 3.5% is linear...

Then the next obvious question will occur: "What information is in the ninety percent of DNA that is quantum?"

You're starting to see those who will not allow the old systems. You will no longer have dictators.

Click here to read this channeling...