Saturday, March 10, 2012

When does it end?

For the last few months I've been observing people who are eager to leave behind victim-roles, dark energies and ego-ruled behavior. Almost all guides agree that nobody will be left behind and I can clearly see that even people that were refusing to open up show signs of willingness for ascension. I'm sure that they will all find their way. The right teacher, the right book and the right guidance will definitely be given to those who take the step forward. But what I'm also observing is that many believe that when awakening occurs and certain moves are made toward ascension there will be a point when the person is going to be free of all problems/negativities/challenges etc.
And because of this expectation people start to get frustrated when despite all of the work they're doing they still aren't able to create their own heaven that was promised in the beginning. Many give up at this point and go back..which is sad because it requires only one little change of perspective, one little change in the way of thinking that will bring them to the point they all want to reach so much (and eventually will). Being free of all problems and negativities is not going to be an external act...there isn't such a point where your frequency is high enough to keep you in a heaven-like place. You simply have to stop seeing things as problems/negativities/challenges etc. Anything, and by that I mean anything happens for a reason and if we could always see the big picture (and you can, if you work on it) we would be so relaxed and open to all the experiences we create and attract. And when you stop seeing experiences as negative you can finally arrive at that point of eternal happiness.
Many people are also disappointed because they think their progress is not fast enough or in many cases not as fast as others'. Comparing ourselves with others is, of course, an ego thing and very normal. But we shouldn't forget that we never can be sure of other people's emotional states, how they came to that point and how they're actually feeling. Here's a very nice article on this...
Long story short, the answer to the above question is: It doesn't.
And we should be soo happy about this. It's such a joyful, exciting and very satisfying journey where happiness is not the goal but a constant companion...if you allow it.

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