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Why do we live where we live? Karma???

Starting from the place we were born every single city we put foot on has a hidden meaning we might or might not be aware of. I’m sure there were cities you visited where you have strangely felt “at home” and everything seemed so familiar. Or the opposite, there were cities you hated from the first minute you arrived, without any specific reason. The former I experienced in Beirut, for instance, and the latter in Cairo.

In case you believe in past or parallel lives, it is possible that you have lived there before or had some kind of connection to this place and in a higher dimension decided to clean/release that specific karma by coming back. Not necessarily by conscious choice. You don’t really need to know your history at that particular place, although, of course, it fastens the process and makes you see things more clearly, but it’s not always essential to be “aware.”

In this article, I’d like to tell my story and talk about the Aegean city called Izmir.

There are many different reasons why you could end up in this old city once being called Smyrna. Your job…a relationship/marriage…the simple desire to change locations…

I did because of love...
The majority of foreigners in Izmir are either British, American/Canadian or French, so if you are a foreigner living in Izmir I would assume that in many cases there is a certain connection to the Levantines, who settled in “Smyrna” during time of the Ottoman Empire and although their number has decreased after 1923 (~ 1500 families still living here today) they are still present and carry a special energy . You can find many books and articles about these families, who had a huge impact on the economic, cultural and social history of Izmir. You can google stories and pictures about the Whittalls, the de Jonghs, the Rees, the Girauds, the Patersons, the Alliottis and so many many more…

Their main places of settlement were Alsancak, Buca, Bornova and Bayrakli. So if you live or should one day end up in one of those places you might have found the first connection for yourself.

Here’s my story…

The past summer of 2o11 carried a very heavy energy of karmic cleansing. My past life journey started last year when I met somebody who instantly triggered memories that didn’t make any sense at first. The memories or rather images that started to flow were about a life in Germany, a young Jewish woman who was left behind by her family and ended up in a concentration camp, probably the one near Munich called Dachau, which I had visited in this life when I was 13 and had felt extremely deep sorrow and sadness. A person that I had met in Izmir seemed to be specifically responsible for my being left behind and every time we met I saw and felt regret and apology. This past life also explains my first 15 years of this life in Germany as a Turkish person that felt excluded and not wanted (receiving anonymous calls saying “Auslaender raus! / Foreigners out!) and forced her family to move back home to feel safe and “included.”

The same name then took me back to much older times, almost 3000 years ago, to a place which is now called Lebanon. I was introduced to a Phoenician story about Princess Elissa (also called Dido) who was a princess of Tyre. Her brother, the king of Tyre (Pygmalion), murdered her husband, the city's high priest. She fled, first to Cyprus, then to North Africa and founded Carthage. When she fled Tyre & later Cyprus, away from King Pgymalion, she took with her priests & temple maidens of Astarte. The story is that Elissa, offered as much land as a hide would cover, cut it into thin strips, tied them end to end, and marked off the whole hilltop. (

I can’t really comment on the connections I found on this one because the images and the info that came were so multi-faceted and jumbled that it’s kind of impossible for me to put them into meaningful sentences. All I can say is that every single image made me feel lighter, as if a burden had been released…

There are several techniques that can be applied to connect to your other lives, I mainly used the Akasha Records technique which is one of the quantum thinking techniques I learned a few years ago when I attended a practitioner’s course. But most of the time there were simply just visions and pictures that suddenly appeared in my mind.

When I say past lives, I’d like to point out, by the way, that I’m not so sure anymore if what we think as past lives are actually part of our past, or, if they are, in fact, lives of our “other selves” in parallel universes. Anyone who’s interested in quantum physics is familiar with the thought that time is not linear but dynamic and some even say time doesn’t exist at all and everything is happening in the Now. But that’s a subject for another post 

Whatever your reason(s) may be for your choice of location, always try to keep in mind the possibility, that is, opportunity of cleaning your Karma and letting go burdens and issues which you’re still subconsciously carrying on your shoulders.

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