Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spiritual Books and why "A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing"

At a certain point on the spiritual path probably everybody  thinks at least once about gathering all his/her thoughts and experiences and share them in a book. So did I (much to my husband's amusement).
And I think it's great that every day new publications come out on this specific field and people are running to bookstores to find answers and help. But I think especially books with all kinds of spiritual practices and certain categories where each chapter describes a disease, for instance, and gives a list of reasons to why the disease is "created" should be treated with caution.
Ok, certain thought patterns and core beliefs can cause physical imbalance and eventually lead to illness, we all know that...but how healthy is it really to read about this and then do nothing about it?
This would be a typical reaction of a woman reading such a book for example;
"OMG, I'm soo not accepting my femininity! I'm defo going to have problems with my female organs..."
And then she goes back to living her usual life. No further practice. No therapy. No diving into the darker & deeper aspects of the soul. Nothing.
Just a constant voice that says "you're going to have problems're going to have problems with..."
We all know how the law of attraction works, right???
So if you're not planning to dig down deep it's probably better to avoid such information for now ;)))

Love & light...